Silver Surfer

Mauriah Johnson, Layout Editor

Silver – Second for some, always first for me.

Not grey, the cloudy unforeseen gloom.

Silver, the shimmering definition of the mood I carry – beneath the surface.

Behind the radiant pops of color staining my lips, mimicking emotions I long to feel.

Transparency at its finest, but silver is honest.

Reflecting my caramel kissed skin, as rays of heat beam on my Sterling Silver.

The only tangible reminiscence remaining of a lost friend.

The only permissible shade allowed on my childhood fingers and toes.

The only deserving color left to resonate where the heart speaks.

Mirroring the wallowing nights, I could no longer fight;

Inconvenient drops of pain, blemishing my silver dipped frames.


And the last shade I’ll ever be, as my remains are blown across a thousand seas.