Devils Den Kicks Off With Trivia Night

Carolyn Martin, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

The start of a new school year means waking up early, catching up with friends and here at Central Connecticut, it means the return of “Devils Den @ 10 p.m.”

This past Thursday’s Devils Den hosted a trivia night as a part of C.A.N.’s Weeks of Welcome. This took place in Semesters and consisted of teams answering ten pop-culture related questions per round with five rounds total.

The questions ranged from “In 2018 what rock group released their album ‘Mania,’ to “What soundtrack hit number one on the charts in 2018?”

When answering these questions, teams would bet points based on how confident they were in their answers. Their answer cards would be handed in and each student was told which two teams scored the most points. Then one representative from each winning team would battle on stage for a prize.

Those two people were asked a series of trivia questions exclusively about Central. Those questions ranged from, “What is the name of the school newspaper,” to “What is the full name of the library?” The team with the winning member then all went up on stage and faced off against each other for a prize. During this portion, each question a student got right earned them five points and each question they got wrong would cause them to lose five points.

In case students wanted to have a snack or take a break from trivia, free food and a photo booth with props were provided. However, most students just wanted to play, as gift cards to the bookstore, shirts, air pods, an Amazon Fire Stick and a TV were the prizes up for grabs.

This event really seemed to bring everyone together. The community atmosphere allowed everyone to relax, even when they were up on stage. They didn’t seem worried about getting an answer wrong. Everyone was far too busy having a good time.

Yet, when a wrong answer was given, the students watching were quick to react, holding back the urge to scream the correct answer out themselves. But it ended in the contestants on stage and the students watching simply laughing it off.

The team “Legends” knew the feeling of laughing off their wrong answers all too well. The four members Isaiah Thornton, Indya Lumpkin, Trinitee Williams and Sihame Abora-Diallo struggled to give the correct answers. From getting multiple questions in a row wrong to losing the few points each of them would get. However, it ended well for Williams when she took home the Amazon Fire Stick.

Another team had the opposite time. Team “Duckbergs” knew their Central trivia well. The four members Alyssa Hammond, Sam King, Charlie Tabris and Myles Place battled it out against each other until both Tabris and Place were tied. In the end, Place was victorious, winning the coveted TV.

If you missed this event, fear not. You will have another chance to attend Devils Den every Thursday night.