This Is An ‘Endgame’ Spoiler Free Zone

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If you haven’t heard by now, a little movie called “Avengers: Endgame” has come out and made a few bucks here and there. If you have managed to thwart any spoilers thus far and haven’t gotten the chance to watch it, have faith. One of these days, a seat is going to free up for a showing at your local theater and that will be the day you will experience this film from a studio that has grown and cultivated its’ fan base for a decade.

Fans are now banning certain words from appearing on their social media that might otherwise be attached to spoilers. The history of this film is comprised of 22 Marvel Cinematic Universe productions in what the MCU executives are calling the “Infinity Saga.” Each film takes part in a greater story arc for each of the beloved main heroes and because of this, the audiences have lived with these characters in real-time; growing to love them, see them at their weakest, strongest, most evil and most heroic.

Endgame” concludes this decade long storyline by only delivering one of, if not the, most emotionally driven, action-packed and satisfyingly climactic experiences of the year.  

What this film does phenomenally is treat the audience with the gratitude they deserve. Without them, the insane amount of financial success that this franchise has amassed wouldn’t have been possible and as it is in Hollywood, money is one of the main reasons to keep making films.

This film definitely had its fair share of the box office for that reason breaking nearly every record set previously by the movie titan “The Force Awakens” (2015). With a $350 million opening weekend, it exceeded the prior record by nearly $100 million. This, however, was just a piece of the pie as the film opened globally to $1.2 billion. This is nearly half a billion more dollars than the previous global opening record set by “Infinity War.”

To put this in perspective, this film made its entire production budget back and made more money than both “Iron Man 3” and “Captain America: Civil War” in just a week of release. It now ranks as the 18th highest grossing film of all time, looking to surpass “Infinity War,” and probably even “The Force Awakens” which are both part of the two billion dollar club with $2.048 and $2.068 billion grosses respectively. These figures are derived from 

All in all, the experience audiences received felt like a gift to them for sticking around through all 22 films. There are scenes in this film that are more than obviously fan service, but you don’t need to stop and think about how well-crafted the film is, but rather how much it deserves these scenes.

The film is a lot more emotional than “Infinity War” and there is a lot more character study done in it. Characters that have had close relationships in the past films have enticing moments with each other in this film because most of them haven’t really had met each other in a long time. And when they do meet each other again, it is obvious how much they have grown in maturity, in experience, in personality and in intelligence.  

This is what makes this film feel so real. No matter what planet they are from, species they are, gender they are or how capable they are in fighting, they all have very effective character development that reflects from their past experiences. Seeing our favorite heroes on the screen in “Endgame” is seeing the weathered down, beaten down, hardened heroes that have gone through so much in the past decade and they are still here to do their job: avenge. With one of the most visually pleasing, brilliantly chaotic and emotionally satisfying final hours of a film I have ever seen, this film delivers the promise of the Avengers.

Ever since the first tease with Thanos back in the first “Avengers” film, Thanos never got to show any of his true colors (besides purple). In this film he proves to be the perfect crux for the heroes, prompting them to do “whatever is takes” to stop him. This film solidifies the importance of the Avengers, making their mentality and inclusiveness is exemplary. If you sit back and think about how many different heroes have joined the Avengers in the past few years, there is a clear message that anyone can become an Avenger. It is present in this film as much, if not even more than all of the other films.

All in all, the film blew me away, blew everyone who watched it away and sits with a fresh 96 percent rotten tomatoes rating. If you have avoided spoilers thus far, be sure to check it out whenever you can.