Racism Has No Place In Our World


Julia Jade Moran

Racism doesn’t belong in 2019 or ever.

Melody Rivera, Staff Writer

As many already know, there were racial slurs spray painted on two of Central Connecticut’s buildings, one on the Student Center and the other on the Welte Garage. When I first heard about the incident, I was in complete shock and very disgusted. It honestly feels so unreal to me that this actually occurred.

The unfortunate truth is that racism and hate speech happens across the country, whether we are informed about it or not. In response to the messages of hate that have been painted on the walls, here is how I feel about racism.

Racism to me is when a person or a group of people make others feel bad about the color of their skin, their race and their beliefs.

This should not be happening in 2019 and it should not have ever started. We have come a long way, but racism still exists. We all come into this world the same way, perhaps across the seas or from the other side of the world, but when we do get here, we are part of this world and the human race.

I believe the rights of all of us, whether you are an African American, Latino, Asian or of any other race, should be respected and our thoughts and actions should all be good. We are all here to learn from one another so it may be a better world. In the eyes of God, we are all the same, so why can’t we see each other in the same way?

When natural disasters sweep through our communities like Hurricane Sandy and tragedies like Newtown take place, people come together, hug and care for one another. They do not see themselves as different; they see themselves as human beings who are suffering, grieving and feeling despair. We all come together as one to help our neighbor and those who are in need. So why can’t it be like that every day regardless of what race and beliefs we have so we can live in peace and harmony?

My parents have told me to “embrace diversity in all its ways.” Learn from the people and their cultures. I’ve heard a quote that says: “People fear what they don’t understand.” So go – go and understand it. Listen, learn, feel and ask questions so there can be an understanding and that fear will go away. With it, racism will, too.

We need to challenge racism so we can hope that people will open their hearts and minds so they will be accepting of cultures and people that they are unaware of.

Bullying is not being tolerated – breaking the law is not also. Why do we let racism exist? It should not! Racism is an ugly, hurtful and a meaningless act that destroys. It is a waste of energy. We need to use that energy to educate ourselves and others and use it for good and for the better.

Be a leader of kindness and watch others follow!