Record Store Day Releases A Promising List

Carolyn Martin, Staff Writer

If you are a record collector like me, there’s one thing you look forward to this time of year: The Record Store Day releases list. Now if you have no idea of what I am talking about, I will enlighten you. Record Store Day is an event that celebrates independent record stores all across the world; England has a record store day too. On that day special limited releases and titles come out and collectors try their luck and getting them before they sell out.

This list is when you find out what exactly what will be offered and what you need to get your hands on. However, each year the same fear occurs: “what if this year’s list is horrible?.” This could then lead to wondering if you will even participate that year. However, once the list is out the fears are either squashed or confirmed.

Now, in the Facebook comment sections of the world, people have said this is one of the worst lists they have ever seen. However, I am here to defend this list. I have been participating in Record Store Day since 2016, I have seen a few lists in my day. However, I have never participated with a lineup as stacked as this.

Some releases, according to, include Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, DJ Khalid: Victory and more.

These and many more releases will come out on Record Store Day. Most of the records are either hopping on the bandwagon of hype or they are releasing other albums that collectors and I have been waiting for, so we are not complaining.

As to why people disagree with the content of the list may just be boiled down to preference and opinion. Even though the age of record collectors is getting younger, those who have been around and are older tend to feel that their opinions should matter more, and their wants, versus the wants of others should be met. Yet, I speak for a lot of people when I say this is a wonderful Record Store Day list.

I know I can say that because this list has, literally, something for everyone. I have seen so many Instagram stories from younger people praising this list and go into detail about how they are already starting to save up for the worldwide event on Saturday, April 13th. This shows that even the elitist, gatekeeping opinions of the previous generation will not prevent us from picking up our favorite and most coveted releases.

I am beyond overjoyed with this list, and you best believe I will lining up early in April to snag some of these releases. If you want to look at the list for yourself or learn more about Record Store Day you can at