Local Band Releases New Single ‘Eighteen’

Ryan Guthrie, Contributor

“Remember we were eighteen?” I think most people can attest to saying or hearing this at some point in their everyday lives.

Earlier last week, Hartford natives and band Half Hearted (Sean Dalke on vocals, Jason Grandell on guitar, Parker Fortune on drums and Nicolas Viglione on bass), delivered to us their own young adult memories with their new single, properly titled, “Eighteen.”

The song brings to life many experiences and tribulations that many young people go through at that time and age from finding your place, to relationships, sex, drugs – and even rock and roll. You can tell this track is very open and honest, just from lyrics, “Now that you f*cking hate me because I slept with my favorite ex / I can break apart from the battle scars that you left inside my head.”

This suggests that this fracture of time that’s being sung about was a tough time for not only the vocalist but for the person on the other end of the relationship, also.

“Well, the song is [actually] about my life when I was eighteen,” vocalist Sean Dalke said. “All the experiences explained in the song was exactly what was going on in my life at that time, and [this is] me kind of reflecting back on it.” This tactic isn’t anything new for Dalke, as it has become his songwriting ethic to take personal experiences with him onto the stage.

With this single, the band takes a step back from the usual rock anthems in order to shine some light onto more intimate ideas, and evolve their sound into something new and refreshing. Unlike previous releases, their music instrumentally seems to be vibrant and hold much more uniqueness to it.

Dalke explained: “Eighteen” serves as the perfect transition between their last EP, “How to Be Alone” (2018), which had a more hard rock inspired vibe to it, and their upcoming full-length album, which is a much more pop-influenced record.”

“Eighteen really bridges the two sounds in our opinion, and is further showing the evolution and progression of ourselves as songwriters,” Dalke said. That only means we can expect more songs like “Eighteen” to be brought to light in the near future. “With these new songs, we approached them with no genre in mind. I’m still not even completely sure what genre these new songs are but they’re definitely some of the coolest songs we’ve written.”

This is a great release from the band and one that will carry them to new heights, really showing fans what they’re capable of. From seeing them play metal shows with their older, heavier material, to seeing them produce and play a whole new and different genre is nothing but growth and success. The guys in Half Hearted have managed to create their own sound within the scene, making them a standout band above the rest. Be sure to check out “Eighteen” right now on BVTV Music’s YouTube channel.