How To Survive The Homestretch Of Spring Semester

Natalie Dest

Now that spring break has come to an end, college students of all ages are facing the same problem head-on: the second-semester slump; the seemingly neverending stretch of eight weeks that students endure every spring.

With just under two months of the school year left, it’s not uncommon to feel that your days are dragging on. With warm weather and sunny days on the horizon, the eagerness inside you is probably making it more difficult to keep your attention on your school work.

So how does one survive the stressing of finals with summer break just around the corner? Here’s what you can do to keep your head above the water for the remainder of your semester.

1. Be Productive Outside

Spring fever is only natural, so why not take your work outside? Finding a table, bench or area on campus where you can focus is perfect for when the weather gets warmer. Instead of being cooped up in your dorm or the library, finding a refreshing place outside can get you in a more productive and determined mindset to complete some homework.

2. Declutter Your Dorm

Spring cleaning is a must. Setting aside an hour during your week to deep clean your dorm can be very beneficial. Getting more organized during a busy time can help improve your mindset, giving you a get-things-done attitude. Hopefully, this will transfer to your studies, giving you the motivation to organize your homework, projects, and exams.

3. Don’t Look Too Far Ahead

When things begin to get overwhelming, it almost feels like you can’t do anything at all. Instead of giving up, take it task by task. Maybe start with making a few flashcards for the class your struggling with, or even just completing a chapter of your assigned reading. The worst thing you can do is try to juggle all your assignments at once in the same night. Take baby steps.

4. Create Incentives For Yourself

There’s nothing better than having something to look forward to help motivate yourself to complete some work. Tell yourself, “If I get this essay done now, I can go out with my friends on Saturday.” Or, “If I study for this test for the next hour or two, I can binge my favorite show tonight.” This psychological tactic will help you be productive and complete the tasks you don’t want to start.

5. Start Your Study Guides Now

It’s never too early to prepare for your finals. When the time comes, it’s easy to find yourself cramming your materials for every class and trying to get organized in time. Save yourself the hassle and start planning while you have time. Slowly accumulating material for each of your courses into study guides can save you in the long run. You’ll be thanking yourself later when you have already-made study guides to look over when the time comes.

6. Create A Study Group

Sometimes heading to the library to study with a group of friends is a lot more motivating than going there yourself. Call up a few of your friends and plan your next study session. Whether it’s for the same class or different ones, working with a few friends can be a lot more enjoyable and motivating than working by yourself.

7. A Good Night’s Sleep

The value of a good night’s sleep can often be overlooked or taken advantage of. If you steadily adhere to a goal every night to go to bed before midnight, you can start to see serious improvements in your focus, concentration and productivity throughout the week. Although you may be buried with work for each class, maintaining at least seven hours of sleep a night will start to give you a healthier mindset and help you feel better physically.

Although this final-stretch is inevitable for any college student, is it the mindset of following a few of these tips that can make your experience easier with summer just one step away.