Can You Survive ‘Don’t Starve’?

Joshua Rosario, Staff Writer

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You lie unconscious on the ground while a well-dressed man cracks wise about your situation. Offering generally useless advice and taunting you before he leaves, you quickly gain consciousness as you begin wondering what dangers await you, examining and exploring this strange new world. Soon, nighttime comes, and you have forgotten to make a torch. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

This is roughly how the first few hours of gameplay will turn out for many players of Klei Entertainment’s “Don’t Starve,” an indie survival game where starving is sure to be the least of your problems. Exploring a procedurally generated world that can be customized by the player and is entirely fixated on finding amusing and interesting new ways to kill off your character, you are required to quickly learn how to adapt to your new home as well as finding a way out.

The game features an artstyle that feels like a mix between a Tim Burton movie and a stop-motion video featuring paper cut-outs. Almost everything in the game was animated by hand and a group of animators working hard behind the scenes. Each living creature is animated with many frames of animation, yet despite being in 2D, still manage to be rather intimidating should you fight its creatures unprepared.

The first character given to players is a man named Wilson, who claims to be a ‘gentleman scientist’ and whose other notable power is being able to grow a beard, which somehow helps during the Winter season. The game contains a strange assortment of playable and unlockable characters: a robot that hates all living organisms, a pyromaniac, a librarian with insomnia, a stage performer who refuses to break character and many more.

Now, despite the game having been released in 2013, the game is still supported after all these years. Throughout its life cycle, it was given several large pieces of downloadable content such as “Reign of Giants,” which introduced two new seasons into the base game, many items and three new seasonal bosses. “Shipwrecked,” which challenges players into surviving a new tropical setting and sailing the seas in search of treasure and freedom. Lastly, the latest piece of content which is currently in early access and is slated for a 2019 release date is “Hamlet,” which forces players to adapt into a society of living, sentient pig people and being able to buy a home, amongst other things.

Should you wish for an unforgiving challenge, “Don’t Starve” might be right up your alley. The base game is available for purchase on Steam for $9.99, and is also available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch.