‘The Prodigy’ Slays The Box Office

Kelly Langevin, Copy Editor

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Blue or Hazel?

That is the question 8-year-old Miles asked about his eyes to his victim as he turned cold. But it is not his parents Sally and John’s fault that their son has a crazy killer inside of him.

Taylor Schilling and Peter Mooney play the parents of Jackson Robert Scott. I was highly impressed with Scott’s acting skills and felt that he embodied his twisted characters very well.

Ever since Miles was born he had two different eye colors. He started developing motor skills very quickly but lacked social skills. I thought this was an indicator that Miles would develop some sort of mental disorder, something that would later contribute to murder and destruction down the line if they never treated it.

As a horror movie, I expected it to be easy to figure out. Miles would become a serial killer, come after the family at night and it would be a whole big deal because their child is 8-years-old.

I was right, sorta.

Miles has a murder’s spirit stuck in his body which is learned later on in the movie as to why. But how it ended up that way and what damage the spirit has done to the family, and Miles himself creates a decent storyline.

It is simply, not what I expected, but I liked that.

Throughout the movie, Mile’s condition is more in-depth at some points putting his own family in danger. Even the dog, and you know that is a bad sign, is aware there is something abnormal going on.

The movie gets under your skin. You get to watch Miles develop throughout and the insanity that is going on inside him, but for the most part until it gets to the climax, you do not know, so you are sitting there anxious and glued to the screen.

What I also liked about the movie was it differed from other scary movies. No matter what after seeing scary movies I usually can not sleep without thinking of the dangers that could be in my room and I was extra thankful I was not alone after this one too.

This movie did have jump scares, but it also changed it up a bit from other typical scary movies and dealt with thoughts and concepts of reincarnation — not just there is a ghost in my house type of conflict. How did this man get in his body? What does he want? Is Miles really someone else?

To be fair, scary movies would not be so scary if there was no sort of violence involved, and oh, there was violence and it was very graphic at times, that had me looking away for a bit. If you do not do well with blood, be aware.

With an interesting storyline, decent jump scares and disturbing violence, “The Prodigy” was horrifically good.

From the way it ended, I am expecting a sequel. But that is for you to agree or disagree with. So go to the theaters and find out how the little boy with elevated intelligence became an intense, terrifying figure.