C.A.N. Hosts ‘Dinner And A Show With Dan Henig’

Shwar Zaidi , Staff Writer

Traveling across the country from sunny California to snow-banked Central Connecticut on Feb. 13, Dan Henig ignited laughter rather than loneliness before the daunting Valentine’s Day last Thursday for couples and singles alike. The Los Angeles songwriter adds his own flavor on popular songs with his covers.

Central Activities Network honored campus with a Henig-hosted dinner and show featuring his eclectic remixes in the Connecticut Room.

Starting at 6 p.m. students were welcomed to the mini concert with a pasta and salad bar.

Dan Henig began singing different covers and some of his favorite songs, engaging the audience asking different people what songs they wanted to hear. Talking to the onlookers made the students a part of the show, joking about songs he did not know how to play.

Many people states that they had a great time attending his lyrically and comedic performance.

Vice President of programming Nadia Santone said: “Dan is hilarious and a great performer, so I think it went well. I hope everybody who went to the event enjoyed it and laughed a little before Valentine’s Day.”

“What I liked the most was how entertaining Dan Henig is through music,” Kassandra Fruin, Student Government Association President continued. “I discovered him when he first originally put covers on YouTube and was excited to see him in person. Huge shout out to C.A.N. for bringing him on campus.”

According to Santone, the organization saw Henig performing a showcase at the conference that they go to every fall the National Association for Campus Activities.

“At NACA, we got to see and experience a lot of vendors and performers,” Santone stated. “We decide who we think CCSU would want to see on campus and that’s how we book a lot of the Spring Semester.”

The event seemed to be a success according to the audience and the C.A.N. team was happy about the outcome.

“Dan’s voice was amazing, and the song choices were hilarious being played acoustically. Another fun C.A.N. event and I couldn’t be prouder of our team for putting it on,” Taia Lionetti, the President of C.A.N., said.

His sense of humor had the whole crowd laughing on the cold Wednesday evening. Program Director Samantha Duncan was pleased with the outcome of the entire event.

“It was nice seeing people enjoying each other’s company, a nice meal and of course the entertainment,” Duncan said.

C.A.N. is a great place to start learning leadership skills, a great way to get to know new people and help make this campus a fun place for students. The organization meets every Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Student Center Room 203 or follow @can_ccsu on social media for more information.