Courtney Cox And The Hollywood Pressure To Get Lip Fillers

Kelly Langevin, Copy Editor

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Close to everyone knows Courtney Cox as “Monica” from the hit television, series “Friends.” As a huge fan of the show, I adored her character and her astonishing natural beauty. Fame, however, turned the once young Monica into a woman trying to find herself.

Cox has recently opened up about her use of lip fillers, which she stopped using them two years ago as she dealt with aging and self-acceptance.

Cox told People that she started using lip fillers because she was not happy with the way she looked.

“I would say it’s a common thing you go through as you age, especially in Hollywood,” Cox said. “You have to accept getting older, and that’s something that I had a hard time doing.” But using fillers did not work out as well as she had hoped. “I didn’t realize it until one day I kind of stepped back and went, ‘Oh s—. I don’t look like myself,’” she continued.

Hollywood is a tough business. It comes with the chance to show the world what you always dreamed of doing: acting, singing, dancing or whatever talent.

However, it comes with standards that you have to look a certain way, act a certain way and maintain an image that society wants.

Courtney Cox, as a loved character, fell into the trap of wanting to stay young for the sake of Hollywood.

“What would end up happening is that you go to a doctor who would say, ‘You look great, but what would help is a little injection here or filler there,’” she said.

“So you walk out and you don’t look so bad and you think, no one noticed—it’s good. Then somebody tells you about another doctor: ‘This person’s amazing. They do this person who looks so natural.’ You meet them and they say, ‘You should just do this.’ The next thing you know, you’re layered and layered and layered,” Cox told New Beauty.

A friend of Cox’s eventually told her the lip fillers were getting out of hand.

Now, Cox says she is as natural as she can be.

Other celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtiss, Kelly Ripa, Khloe Kardashian and Cher have admitted to getting work done on themselves. And the list can go on.

Kelly Clarkson, unlike the others and has had no work done, has felt the pain that Hollywood can bring.

“When I was really skinny, I wanted to kill myself,” she told Attitude magazine. “I was miserable, like, inside and out, for four years of my life. But, no one cared, because aesthetically you make sense,” according to Independent.Ie.

Clarkson also opened up about feeling the best when she is “fat,” because she spent so long being someone she is not.

Whether or not lip fillers are being used, plastic surgery or having had no work done, being in Hollywood must be draining having to live up to expectations of being perfect. Finding yourself in a business of looks and standards is what matters most. No celebrity should get surgery to impress the public and lose touch with themselves.

“Now I just embrace who I am and getting older with what God gave me, not what I was trying to change,” Cox said.

That is a valuable lesson.