Highly Anticipated ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Releases

Sam Pappas, Staff Writer

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“Kingdom Hearts 3” is the long-awaited 12th installment in the “DisneyX Final Fantasy” franchise, started when an executive at Square Enix and an executive at Disney had a chance encounter in an elevator.

Directed by “Final Fantasy” character designer Tetsuya Nomura, “Kingdom Hearts” released in 2002 drawing critical acclaim. Mass confusion arose when Americans watched Donald Duck and Goofy adventure with spiky-haired anime characters, and edgy “Final Fantasy” villains who are actually murderers.

Nevertheless, the game had beautiful visuals, music and a story about growing up, which was loved by millions. Except me of course, since the combat feels like fighting a mass of bees with a sledgehammer and I could not deal with it.

Then in 2004, there was a GameBoy Advance game that no one really remembers. However, in 2005 “Kingdom Hearts 2” released, marking the game’s descent into complete ridiculousness, that occasionally jump into a Disney movie midway through the story, with half of the charm and no care for pacing.

Goofy dies at one point. 

The problem with “Kingdom Hearts” is it is an over-complicated story that spends too much time trying to explain itself without actually making any sense. Disney and Final Fantasy characters get pushed aside to make room for original characters who push the bulk of the confusing plot.

So what about the other 10 games?

Just hack-and-slash adventures that continue the story. I can tell you for a fact “Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage” is just as much of a mess to play, as it is to pronounce.

KH3 is more of the same as KH2, with new Disney properties to play around with and flashy new attacks to make combat more of a spectacle.

I would not call myself a massive fan of it, but watching people get confused when they see a performance of “Let it Go” get interrupted by Sora running around is always funny.

My favorite part of KH3 is the finale, where all the villains and heroes get thrown into a massive gauntlet of boss fights and combat gets a lot more interesting.

A majority of the story content feels so rushed that the events of the conclusion do not really feel earned, however, and that is what left such little impression on my mind.

I can not really recommend any part of the “Kingdom Hearts” series, but I will say I am excited for the next installment: “Re:Kingdom Hearts 3.25: Future of The Past – Revelations Ultimate FINAL MIX EDITION – Featuring Dante from the ‘Devil May Cry’ series – HD COLLECTION” which should be coming out sometime in next century, exclusive for the Playstation Vita.