Book Review: ‘Me Before You’

Shwar Zaidi , Staff Writer

“Me Before You” is one of the most popular romance novels written by author Jojo Meyers. The highly acclaimed novel then adapted into a movie starring Emilia Clarke (from HBO’s “Game Of Thrones), as Louisa Clark, and Sam Claflin, as Will Traynor.

“Me Before You” has a plot line about a quirky small-town girl named Louisa who loses her job when her boss decides to close the café she works at. Desperate to maintain her financial demands, Louisa decides to interview for the opportunity to help a wealthy family take care of their son Will, a handsome young man left paralyzed after a motorcycle accident.

Louisa is immediately hired by his mother, Camilla, due to her cheerful personality, hoping she would entertain Will and bring him company. During her job, Louisa finds it hard to help him when he treats her coldly, shutting her down each time she tries to make a conversation.

But slowly, he started opening because of her quirky and interesting personality. Will is determined to help Louisa get out of her comfort zone and experience life.

Louisa overheard Camilla talking to Will’s sister that he is thinking of committing suicide.

After six months, he plans on ending his life through an organization in Switzerland known as “death with dignity.”

After hearing about his fatal plan, Louisa refused to continue her job. However, Camilla begs her to stay, coming up with a compromise that for six months she would show Will the world and hopefully change his perspective on life.

Louisa then makes a bunch of plans to do with Will.

Will and Louisa begin to grow closer as she helps cut his hair and shave his beard. Will wants Louisa to change and show her the world as she is afraid of getting out of her shell. Will even ends up meeting her parents and her long-term boyfriend Patrick at her birthday dinner.

Furthermore, a wedding approaches involving Will’s ex-lover, who left him after his accident, and his best friend Rupert.

Surprisingly, he decided he wanted to go to the wedding and they both have a blast. Louisa could tell time was running out and decided to make a best plan of them going out.

Louisa’s love life takes a turn for the worse as she tries to make Will love life again, despite his injuries. After getting sick again, Louisa plans on making every moment the best it can be for Will.