How To Survive Being Single On Valentine’s Day

Natalie Dest, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Every year, Feb. 14, marks the special 24-hours dedicated to chocolates and the beauty of love. Valentine’s Day is a special day for those who find themselves in a relationship, whether that be with their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, people around the world will be spending Thursday celebrating their devotion to one another.

However, for some of us, it is just another day of the week. Although you may feel like you are missing out, there is no shame in being single this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Why try to hurry through the day when you can have a fabulous time just being you?

Being single on the “day of love” can be a drama-free blessing instead of a curse. Whether you spend it alone or with your best, single friends, there are many ways to seize the day and make it one to remember.

1. Buy yourself flowers.

Start your day off by showing love for yourself. Whether that be buying yourself flowers, candy or even a new outfit, show yourself some appreciation; it can go a long way.

2. Bake something sweet.

Whether you bake some brownies, cookies or some chocolate strawberries, you can always gift these snacks to your single friends and show some love.

3.  Binge your favorite television series.

What can make you happier than watching your favorite television show? There is no better feeling than changing into comfier clothes, making a bowl of popcorn and sitting down to binge your favorite show.

4. Treat yourself to your favorite restaurant.

Treat yourself. Whether you go by yourself, with your family or your best friend, taking a trip to your favorite restaurant is a perfect way to celebrate the night.

5. Explore a new neighborhood or city.

Head to a neighboring town or area that you are not familiar with. Try new shops, restaurants or boutiques and make it a night of trying new things.

6. Read a book.

Although simple, cuddling up in a blanket on the couch, opening up a book can be more relaxing and worth it than you might think. Turn off your phone and get lost in a good novel.

7.  Exercise.

Exercise is proven to increase a healthier attitude and state of mind. Try going for a nice long walk, hike or run while jamming out to your favorite playlist. This will help improve your mindset and set the rest of your day on a positive note.

8. Plan a night in with your single friends.

Whether you make dinner together, gather around to watch or movie or play a few games, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to celebrate with friends. Rather than feeling sad that you can not share the day with a significant other, share the day appreciating your friends.

9. Do something to give back.

Helping out your community is a great way to give this day a purpose. Even doing something small such as donating clothes to your nearest Goodwill is a great way to give back.

10. Let the ones you love know you appreciate them.

Giving your parents, siblings and grandparents a call on Valentine’s Day can make all the difference. Let your loved ones know that you appreciate and adore them. Spend the day surrounded by love for your family.