‘Fix Flux’ Showcases Brings Romania To CCSU

Tyra McClung, Assistant Arts and Entertainment

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The ‘Fix Flux’ gallery opening demonstrated colorful paintings created by students as a means of societal reflection. The opening reception took place Thursday, Jan. 31.  The art gallery is located on the second floor of Maloney Hall at Central Connecticut. The exhibition is currently displaying the works of graduate and undergraduate students belonging to Partium Christian University, located in Oradea, Romania.

“Because Romania was for a very long time a communist country, ideas and freedom [of] expression and creativity [were] somewhat limited,” Cassandra Broadus-Garcia, Associate Professor of Art, said. “Now that the fall of the regime and communism has been lifted from that country, there’s a revival,” Broadus-Garcia continued explaining the artistic direction influencing some of the pieces.

The collection was selected from a large body of artwork developed by the students of PCU. Many pieces of art were not printed and exhibited due to the unrealistic ability of the gallery to display each and every piece of work. Broadus-Garcia selected the works she felt would give the best representation of the art program at the Romanian University.

“I like being able to kind of figure out how to interrupt it, I think it’s all amazing too. Some of it I find really hard to interpret which is a challenge but challenges are good,” CCSU student Julie Bojnowski said.

“I think their incredible I like all of the different vibrant colors that everyone used and all of the unique art forms,” CCSU student Allison Goldie said of the art work displayed.

PCU and CCSU have developed this collaborative relationship over the past year beginning when the Dean of Arts visited Central’s campus. The partnering universities are working together to strengthen their relationship.

She began figuring out how the institutions could began a collaborative relationship. Both August and November of last year a Professor from CCSU went to visit the Romanian university. A student is set to be given the opportunity to visit in November of 2019 to display their work. The professors from PCU have also been to Central’s campus to give lectures and presentations.

“We have developed a collaborative relation with the institution and now CCSU and PSC are working together starting a new relationship between the two universities there in Romania,” Broadus-Garcia stated.

The Dean of Arts at PCU has been working to make it so that students are able to travel amongst the two campuses. Because at this time the schools lack the funding, she has applied for a grant that would allow students the opportunity to visit between the schools and have options to study abroad.

“I really encourage all the students at CCSU to come to see the show. To really study the works and the text panels that tell a lot about the artist statements, and how they are using visual images to tell stories and get messages across that are exciting,” Broadus-Garcia stated.

The gallery is open every day from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. If would like to arrange to come in earlier the Art Department would be more than happy to accommodate you. Please feel free to call at (860) 832-2633 to set up an appointment for you visit. The exhibition will continue through Feb. 28.