The Story Behind Studying Abroad

Shwar Zaidi , Staff Writer

Studying abroad for college students can be one of the best experiences not just for their school career, but for their entire lives. Studying abroad may be expensive, but it is not a waste. It is a gateway to make new friends, learn about different cultures and adapt differently.

Three students came from different countries to study abroad here at Central Connecticut, with more reasons than their distinctive dialects. Holly Green came from Scotland, Erik Hedman came from Sweden and Marius Ullrich came from German stated that they decided to come to Central for the great experience, the job opportunity and experience the contrasting language.

“One of the reasons why I am studying abroad is because the job and great quality that comes with studying abroad for jobs. It makes you special and different from other people,” Green stated.

“Another reason [for me] is because it was also about language. I wanted to improve my English. I also would like to do an international job. It is also good to improve your personality and makes you more opened to get to know people and become more outgoing,” Marius Ullrich added to Green’s response.

Traveling from their countries to the U.S. helped them become more social and independent since they ventured solo.

However, studying abroad can be difficult.

According to these students, they had difficulties as a Blue Devil because the looming timetable of only spending a single semester on campus challenged the friendships they forged. Money also posed as an issue since the currency ratio in this country outweighs their countries.

“We are only paying for dorms and food here and yet still it is so expensive,” Ullrich said.

According to Green, Central’s campus is larger than her own university in Scotland and the class structure is drastically different.

“Here [CCSU] we have classes and then have midterms and final exams. But in Sweden, we do one course for full class and then have final exams and then scores are released. Here we need to be attentive and have good attendance,” Green said.

“However, people are friendly here and even if I’m at a store someone can come up and easily make a conversation with me,” Erik Hedman continued.

Overall, never be afraid of studying abroad. At first, it may be difficult adjusting but it is worth it at the end. It helps you get to know people and be more outgoing. You learn more and know different cultures. Take risks and it will come a long way.