Reminders For The Second Semester Freshmen

Natalie Dest

After a winter break of drowsy mornings, holiday festivities and ongoing Netflix marathons the second semester can be dreaded by most students.

However, if you are a  freshman, you may be feeling the heat a little more than your upperclassmen friends. You are still trying to get a hang of the college life and still may be feeling overwhelmed from your first semester.

Your grades could have been higher, you were not as involved on campus or maybe you just were not as outgoing as you wanted to be.

For what ever reason, here are eight tips to remember that can help you get on the right track for your second semester of college.

1. Reset your sleeping schedule.

It is common to use the time you get for break to catch up on the sleep you missed while pulling all-nighters. While your body finally gets adjusted to sleeping through the mornings, one of the biggest challenges of coming back to school is having to wake up to go to class and get things done.

With courses, extra curricular activities and maintaining your social life, a lot of your time gets away from you. You often find yourself staying up late at night and waking up early in the morning.

For the first few nights back to school, try allowing yourself to go to sleep no later than midnight. If you are consistent with this, your body will eventually adjust and maintain a healthy sleeping schedule.

2. Do not overdo the skipping.

Once in a while, it is okay to skip a class or two for the right reasons, but do not let this become a habit.

Remind yourself that either you, your parents, or someone else is paying for you to be in college and that it is not cheap. Skipping a class here and there will not hurt you, as long as your excuse is valid and you are staying on top of your course load.

3. Structure a weekly schedule.

Planning ahead can be very beneficial. Whether you are planning ahead when to complete your homework, start a project, or just fit in some leisure time, creating a schedule for yourself can help you stay on the right track.

Writing down your schedule will help give a visual of all things needed to be accomplished, giving you the mindset to complete one thing before you can start another. Even if it does not seem like something you would like, it would not hurt to try it just once.

4. Attend on-campus events.

Every Central Connecticut on-campus event is free; why not attend?

Not only does attending on-campus events help support the university, it also broadens your knowledge of CCSU.

Many of these events are run through on-campus clubs, which is a smart way to learn more about all extra curricular activities the school offers. These events also could help you make friends and give you the opportunity to talk to other students and faculty.

5. Get active in a club or extra curricular.

Speaking of extra curriculars, joining a campus club is the best way to be known. Being involved in an extra curricular helps make connections, whether that be with other students or university faculty.

Pick a club that you have interest in and whose meetings you know you will enjoy attending.

Getting involved on campus also helps impress employers for the near future. It is never too early to start thinking about your out-of-college resume.

6. Get familiar with your professors.

This may sound like an obvious tip, but it is a crucial one to note. Creating connections with your professors is extremely beneficial while you attend college.

Meeting with your professor for extra help with any questions you may have can and will be helpful to you. It is always a smart idea to learn all your professors’ office hours; putting a face to the name is important.

Plus, you never know when these connections may be helpful when you’re out of college and in search for a job.

7. Do not party too much.

It is no secret that it is fun to meet up with your group of friends, get dressed up and head out to a party on the weekends.

However, it is important to note that excessive partying will cause you problems. It is okay to attend a few and enjoy yourself, but it is very easy to get drawn into the party scene and be unable to stop.

It is important to know your own limits and know when enough is enough. Do not let partying stand in the way of your academics and well-being.

8. Play hard, but work harder.

College is a lot of fun, but do not forget that you are here to learn. It is okay to have as much fun as you want; it is your last semester as a freshman in college.

Always remember to put your homework and studying first. It is the reason why you are here.