Findings Into CCSU’s Sexual Misconduct Investigation ‘Nearly Ready For Release’


Sarah Willson, Editor-in-Chief

The Central Connecticut investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against theatre professor Joshua Perlstein is “nearly ready for release” and will be shared with the campus community once classes are in session, according to Director of Public Relations Janice Palmer.

Classes for the Spring 2019 semester begin on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Palmer said she has no additional information to share at this time.

The investigation conducted by CCSU and independent law firm Shipman and Goodwin has been ongoing since April 2018, when The Recorder broke the story in which eight former students and faculty came forward accusing Perlstein of sexual harassment and inappropriate touching. 

“I [had] wondered if the investigation has been abandoned. It took so long,” Anna Kelly, who claimed she was sexually harassed by Perlstein, said. “This report’s findings could be a pivotal moment in the success or failure of the campus.”

The “lengthy” investigation, in which “thousands” of documents were reviewed, was meant to meet an end-of-summer deadline, according to an email sent out by Dr. Toro in June of last year.

“Myself and many women who were failed by the administration and by half measures are waiting for our promises to be kept and justice to be served,” Kelly said.

Perlstein has been on paid administrative leave since April.

No other information is available at this time.