CT Toll Spread

Kelly Langevin


Governor-elect Ned Lamont said he would try to limit tolling to out of state trucks only but if this were to change and happen this is how CCSU students feel:

Brendan Sullivan

“I believe that putting tolls on our major highways in Connecticut will upset many people who live in the state. Even though they may be 95 cents like Massachusetts, many people are going to be upset that now they have another sort of bill to pay. Some people may look at it as another form of CT tax adding too many reasons why people want to leave the state in the near future. Although the construction of the toll booths will potentially add more hours to construction workers who are installing the cameras and EZ pass scanners, it may also require more employees to hire which could be looked at as a positive.”

Joseph Syryla

“I strongly advice against the idea of toll booths. As a Connecticut resident, my daily [work] commute from Danbury to Bristol takes one hour each way. The toll booth project may take years to be in full effect. With that being said, highway construction will further impact commuting times across the state in a negative manner. In previous years, state officials increased road fuel costs. With the implemented fuel tax and the addition of tolls, Connecticut residents will be taxed twice for the same cause. Connecticut is the sixth highest taxed state in the country, would be exercising an unfair financial burden on its citizens. The increased stress on the drivers may have led to prior fatalities on Connecticut highways.”

Roshanay Tahir

“I don’t know how I feel about the tolls being in-state and having your commute being even more of a hassle, however, I feel like having them around the state is a good idea for a way to boost the economy slowly. I feel like it would be a good thing for CT to adopt like MA and New York do when leaving and entering the state. ”

James Angelopoulos

“I think having tolls is a good idea. If you want the state of Connecticut to make money, I think this is a nice short-term plan may be in the long term the tolls might have to be coming down but the short term this is a proper plan for the state of CT. It’s just at the end of the day we’re trying to keep the state and the city of Hartford afloat while we figure out how to keep businesses in CT and bring them back to the state.”

Amanda King

“Initially, I did not like the idea of implementing tolls throughout the state. The plan that is being proposed right now is not the one I originally supported. The only way for it to make sense to have tolls in a state where taxes are already high would be if they were placed on the borders of the state where most out-of-state vehicles come in and out. It’s similar to the concept of in-state patrons paying no fee or a lesser fee than out-of-state patrons to state parks, or even state colleges and universities. I appreciate the idea of commuters receiving a discount on tolls, but paying $5 to drive back and forth to work every day can become a heavy fee pretty quickly. I hope interstate tolls can be reconsidered so that there are less of them and in-state citizens do not have to pay as much.”