Firing Of Sessions Sparks Protests At State Capitol

Sarah Willson

Sarah Willson, Managing Editor

Riled-up protesters stood on the steps of the State Capitol hoping to send one message to President Donald Trump: “You are not above the law.”

The hundreds of Connecticut residents who came out to rally last week on a cold Thursday evening said they were outraged after Trump fired the now former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Matt Whitaker, a Republican from Iowa, has since taken his place.

“I am deeply concerned for the state of our democracy, the rule of law and, most importantly, I believe that Mueller’s investigation needs to continue unobstructed to its conclusion [so] the results can be presented to Congress and the American people,” Bren Campbell of Naugatuck said.

Hartford was not alone in its demonstration. Dozens of cities across the country also took part in protests against Trump’s new appointment, some calling it a move for the president to try and end Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian medaling in the 2016 election.

Though protesters said they fear Mueller’s investigation could come to a halt, the new Democratic House of Representatives gives some people, like Connecticut Senator-Elect Matt Lesser, hope.

“Two days ago, the people of this state and this country sent a loud and clear message. A message that we think Donald Trump’s legislative agenda should lie dead in its tracks,” he said to a crowd of over 200. “[The country] has to decide not what is in the interest of one party or another, but what the interest of this country [is].”

Lesser, above all, urged the crowd to embrace facts and come together to support what is best for the country. No matter the outcome he said, America needs to stand hand-in-hand.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, a Democrat, voiced a similar message but urged those rallying to stay optimistic, emphasizing the fact that the president’s campaign manager, foreign policy adviser, his personal lawyer and others have already been indited.

“On Tuesday, across the country and here in Connecticut, the American people sent a rousing message that we reject everything about the Trump Administration,” Bronin said. “We have two years to get ready to take our country back, to take our democracy back. This really is about the fact that no one is above the law, including the president of the United States.”

Despite the fact that Democratic politicians came together to denounce the presidents pick, perhaps some of the loudest voices in the crowd were state residents.

“Our nation was founded on equality for all and therefore even the president himself should be required to follow the law,” Campbell continued.

Candie Ky, a Wethersfield native, agreed and said that no matter what it takes, she wants to make sure that Trump is held accountable for his actions.

“[I want] to make sure that if there was anything to uncover, it should be given the opportunity to,” Ky said. “Whether it’s incriminating or not, we reserve the right to know the truth and I don’t think it’s fair we allow the president and the administration to try to quiet any sort of investigation.”

Despite the newly flipped House of Representatives, it is still unsure as to how the Mueller probe will play out. No matter the outcome, however, protesters said that they want the necessary justice to be served.