Multiple Car Break-Ins Reported On-Campus

Kristina Vakhman, News Editor

Multiple vehicle break-ins occurred and a car was stolen last week on campus. The “thieves,” as they were described, were seen on camera going from car to car checking to find those that were unlocked, according to an email sent on behalf of the Central Connecticut Police Department on Saturday.

CCSU Media Relations Officer Janice Palmer said that the larcenies were first reported last Tuesday and that CCSU PD is considering the thefts as larceny because the cars were unlocked, not warranting a break-in.

“They were just going from car to car until they found [one] unlocked and then went in and stole whatever they could,” Palmer said.

The thefts occurred primarily between midnight and 3 a.m., thus making students the victims because they are mainly the only ones left on campus at that time, Palmer said.

It is currently unknown whether or not the thieves are CCSU students and if they targeted a specific parking lot, but Palmer confirmed that the stolen car was a female student’s taken from the James Lot. It has not been recovered yet.

The exact number of incidents is also not clear as of now, though Palmer stated that there were definitely “more than three” cases. She also said that the police “have some leads” on the thieves’ backgrounds and numbers.

Due to the thefts, CCSU PD will be increasing patrols by checking all of the parking lots and garages more frequently. Additionally, the investigation is still ongoing and should yield results soon, Palmer said.

Students are advised to double-check that their car doors are locked. Additionally, CCSU PD reminded students through the email sent on Saturday to not leave valuables, including loose change, in sight, and not to leave a key or fob in the vehicle even for a quick stop at a building or business.

“They’re looking for a quick way to make a little money,” Palmer stated.

To report suspicious activity, contact the campus police at 860-832-2375. In an emergency, dial 9-1-1.