IRC Hosts Annual ‘Fall Fest’

Shwar Zaidi


Fall Fest is brought to you by Inter-Residence Council (IRC), where each dorm invites you to visit their booth to partake in a variety of different activities. There is free food, good music and a lot of fun. It is the perfect way to get to know different people in their halls.

The event was a Disney-themed where each hall had their own unique activity. Barrows Hall’s theme was based on the movie Brave. Their activity was an archery game where students threw arrows on the board and if they got two arrows on it, they could win a prize. Even if they couldn’t, there was still free candy.

Beecher Hall’s theme was Pirates of the Caribbean and their activity was ring toss to get free candies and prizes. Sheridan Hall’s theme was Finding Nemo and they had people who were blindfolded spin them around three times and find the fin on Nemo and pin it. Vance Hall theme was Hercules, where they had people throw arrows to get points. Gallaudet Hall’s theme was Peter Pan and they had tick tock the crocodile where they threw balls in the crocodile’s mouth.

Sam May Hall’s theme was the Incredibles and they had four different challenges. One of the people used tennis balls to bounce into the bucket within a minute, then play twister for five turns, arm wrestling and people had to put a clothespin on someone without them knowing. Mid Campus Residence Hall’s theme was Toy Story and they had people scoop up candies from a box and win a prize if they got two balls in their spoon.

James Hall’s theme was Tarzan where people threw tennis balls in a bucket if they successfully put two balls in, they win a fish at the end and they had few fishes left and gave them out for free. Lastly, Seth North Hall’s theme was Frozen and they had people throw glittery balls in the plates for prizes.

A lot of people had a good time at the Fall Fest.

A student from CCSU in Barrows Hall said, “The event is super awesome. I like that there are so many games and different activities to do and to win prizes. I think that they should do more of this every year. I like to see people smile and be happy.”

The President of James Hall really liked the event because it brought all the halls together to get to know one another instead of everybody competing with each other.

“I like that it brings all the halls together and it is so much fun to see people have a good time,” he said.

An RA who likes to be called “MO” said, “I really liked the music. Sheridan’s pin the shark was fun. Barrows and Vance’s Bow games were really fun. Watching people clip other people was hilarious to watch and just everybody having a great time is my favorite.”

The event had positive outcomes that even the IRC staff and e-board were happy with. If you would like to find out more about IRC events, follow @ccsuirc or come to IRC meetings every Tuesday in Mid Campus Purpose Room at 3:30 p.m.