Fire Erupts In Energy Center

Sarah Willson, Managing Editor

A fire in Central Connecticut’s Energy Center broke out Monday evening, prompting the presence of numerous firetrucks and police cars on-campus.

The fire began after one of the lines from the two generators located in the Energy Center blew open, causing oil to spill out and the generator to overheat.

“[It started] from the oil being out of the engine. The engine obviously overheated and with the oil on the floor, it ended up ultimately igniting,” Interim Chief of Facilities Officer Sal Cintorino said. “Once the fire started, we shut the engines down and the fire department showed up.”

One of the generators, Cintorino said, was installed three days ago as of Monday.

“[The generator] ran without oil in it and the fire was inside the engine,” Cintorino said. “The most important thing is that there’s no damage to the building at all, but that engine could have quite a bit of damage. It’s a very expensive engine.”