CCSU To Students: You Are Never Alone


Shwar Zaidi

Student Government Association Sens. Justin Boutin (left) and Ian Cocking (right) pose for the camera during Monday’s “Get Inspired” event, part of Mental Health Week.

Shwar Zaidi, Staff Writer


To kick off Mental Health Week, Central Connecticut’s Student Government Association tabled in the Student Center Monday to help students “Get Inspired.”

According to the SGA’s Student Life Committee Chair Jamie Carbone, the idea for the event came from a simple brainstorming session. A Student Activities and Leadership Development intern named Lindsay, Carbone said, filled the whiteboard in the SGA office with inspirational quotes one day.

Carbone, who’d been “having a rough time,” thought an event that would “people, especially those with mental illness, to help encourage positivity and help others feel good about themselves,” as well as to “to let [people] know whatever they are going through is temporary and will only make them stronger.”

At the tabling, Commuter Senator Justin Boutin and At-Large Senator Ian Cocking helped those who approached to write an inspirational quote on a big white piece of paper about what inspires them. The point was to share what quote helped keep them going and to spread positivity.

Both senators enjoyed helping out and even handed out candies for people who showed up. The students really liked the idea and believed they were doing a good job helping others spread kindness, with student Reva Deonarine saying the event was “easy going and fun to do.”

“It’s a really good idea to do something like this. A lot of people need this and [this] should be done often,” another student commented.

The tabling did what it meant to do, inspired a lot of people to feel special. Senator Kate Lyn Nol attested to that, saying that “inspiring quotes make [her] feel happy.”

Mental Health Week continues throughout the week. On Tuesday, the SGA hosted “Spill the Tea” where students spilled tea and got things off of their chest. Therapy Dogs paw their way into people’s hearts on Wednesday.

Kick Back and Relax will take place Thursday, Oct. 11 from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Student Center lobby. Mental Health Day itself takes place on Oct. 12 from 8 to 10 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room in the Mid Campus Residence Hall.