Dean’s Cup Returns With Its First Event

Shwar Zaidi, Staff Writer

Dean’s Cup is an Inter-Residence Hall competition where residents compete for their halls through events. The Dean’s Cup is held by IRC’s Student Affairs Liaison and representatives from each hall, where they plan the events with the E board. Attendance is added to event scores, so halls can earn points that calculate to an overall Dean’s Cup rank.

This past Wednesday was the first Dean’s Cup of the semester, which was the Scavenger Hunt. Each dorm had a list of items to find on campus and take a picture before the time was up. The items that they had to find on campus were a business card, the bubble construction, dance center, IRC building board, Neon colored backpack, an RA’S program flyer from the hall, Blue Devil’s Statue, Central Map, police station, Hammock, Sharpie Marker, Stapler, the student center circle, radio station flyers, sport team jersey, etc.

A lot of people came to the event and had a lot of fun, especially the freshmen. Freshman Leah Jensen said, “I really enjoyed the event.” And another, Becca Chester Wheaton said cheerfully, “I had so much fun! I feel a lot closer to the other people in my dorm.”

It helped people go out and have fun, as well as be social and talk to other people in their dorm, making new friends and quickly finding strategies to find the items on time. It required a lot of teamwork and bonding to find the clues. A lot of students loved doing the scavenger hunt because it was quite different and really helped them socially get out of their comfort zone.

Bryn Claybourne said, “this event was extremely tiring however it was a great bonding activity and it was really fun.” The scavenger hunt allowed many students to use their problem-solving skill. Many are excited for more Dean’s cup events to come.

The results for the Dean’s Cup for which hall won would be announced at the next IRC meeting on Tuesday @3:30 p.m. Each meeting has free food and discussions about more fun events on campus. Even if you just go for attendance your hall would get points, and the more points at the end of the semester your hall has, the more likely for your dorm will win the Super Saturday trophy!