Spotify And Hulu: 5 Dollar Student Bundle

Natalie Dest

CCSU students can sign up for Hulu and Spotify for only five dollars a month. (TechCrunch)

Spotify’s premium plan for students has those in college taking advantage of the affordable offer for those on a school budget. Since announced in 2017 for only five dollars a month, students can have access to not only Spotify premium, but to Hulu’s on-demand streaming plan as well.

This remarkable “education bundle” comes at a much cheaper price than purchasing both services individually. Spotify’s student plan has always remained $4.99 monthly; a college student is basically getting Hulu tossed in for free.

All university students in the U.S. over the age of 18 have access to Spotify Premium for Students, and if you have never signed up before, you can get the first three months just for $.99 each. If you already have a Spotify student account, all you have to do is add the Hulu package to your account, with the addition of Showtime since the announcement this past August.

Now that Showtime has been recently included to this bundle, the value of this package has increased exponentially. To put this monthly $5 dollar charge into perspective, a typical Spotify premium plan costs $10 a month, Hulu’s limited commercial plan costs $8 a month, while Showtime charges $11 a month -this Student Plan should technically be a total of $29 a month.

This is just the beginning of what sounds like a major partnership between the two companies, soon to expand to include all consumers, not just students. Spotify and Hulu have previously described the “education bundle” as the “first step” in bundling their services together and “promise offerings targeted at the broader market to follow,” according to The Verge.

Whether or not these two companies end up creating a larger partnership, it goes without saying that not only Central students but any college student should take advantage of Spotify’s “education bundle.”