Editor’s Column: Bravo, Dr. Toro

Angela Fortuna, Editor-in-Chief


Dear Dr. Toro,

All students, new and old, should know of the impact you have made and continue to make every day at our university from the moment you became our president.

Many obstacles have undoubtedly come your way in your year and a half here thus far. But no matter the topic or situation, you never fail to keep students informed and aware.

With the accusations of sexual misconduct against Theater Professor Joshua Perlstein, the formation of the Campus Culture Task Force, an alleged sexual assault in the police department, the charges filed against Student Conduct Director Christopher Dukes and more, you have handled every situation with care and pride.

You understand how difficult it can be for victims to come out against someone who sexually assaulted or harassed them. With this in mind, after an open forum and a strain of emails between the university, students and administration, you ordered all departments to keep university records and changed the reporting date from 90 days to no time limit. Even with these advancements, there is more to come to change campus culture all thanks to you and your efforts to put the university first.

You have made it clear that the issues that have come to light within our university this past year will not shape our university and our reputation. What these issues will do is change things for the better, developing a new environment in which all students will feel included, welcome and comfortable.

Although some students may get annoyed by the constant Campus Announcements emails, they act as a way to keep the Central community informed, despite the tone of the topic. Whether it be about parking on campus or the Campus Culture Task Force, students, faculty and administration are always made aware of changes and updates on or around campus.

Your selfless efforts to make Central the best it can be amazes me. Central needs a leader like you to be there to pick us up when we fall and brag about us when we are at our best.

Even with necessary damage control on your end, you manage to make additional efforts, like becoming more active in the New Britain community.

You have taken steps to make this university the best it can be. Most of the situations that have come to light this year did not even happen while you were CCSU’s president, but a part of me knows you don’t care about that. You care about the future of the university and adjusting the climate for returning and future students. You care about making Central the inclusive and community-driven university we claim to be.

Through your continuous efforts, I am confident that things will start to change around here, for the better.

Don’t give up on us, Dr. Toro. Every university faces problems and roadblocks with its student and faculty population. It’s people like you who know how to solve the problem and move forward who will truly make a difference. We are extremely lucky.