Jim Spinnato Mysticizes CCSU Students

Shwar Zaidi, Staff Writer

Hypnotists’ main objective is to put the audience in a trance and make them perform humorous activities.

On Wed. Aug. 29, the Inter-Residence Council presented a comedic hypnotist show featuring Connecticut bred, Jim Spinnato. For 20 years, Spinnato has made a career of captivating audiences with laughs and tranced audiences.

Spinnato started his show after discovering his friend performing and thought it would be very interesting to learn himself. The magic struck when he set up his very first show and received positive feedback from his audience. He absolutely loved being a hypnotist and continued to perform state-wide as his career.

Spinnato includes the audience during his shows. He asks for volunteers and tests the participants by hypnotizing them to see if they have the concentration. This methodology eliminates everybody else, allowing the top 20 men and women the opportunity to be the center of attention.

The audience laughed as the students were completely hypnotized, doing anything he suggested such as dancing around the room or smelling something.

The hypnotized CCSU students were doing things they normally would not do if they were conscious.

“The show was very comical, and I feel as though certain people made the show more enjoyable. I am an honest skeptic, but it was somewhat entertaining,” CCSU student Alexus Fusco said.

Students were happy with how much it improved the event and made it more interesting by spicing things up a little.

Another student, Shay Diggs said, “I thought the show was entertaining and definitely better than the last few years we’ve had it.”

A student who was actually hypnotized reported, “I was hypnotized, and I don’t remember anything.”

A lot of the students who were hypnotized were confused and puzzled afterward when their friends talked about how crazy they were and what they said.

Spinnato was very pleased with the outcome of the show and said he always loves making people laugh, which is the main reason why he continues to perform. He is looking forward to coming back again.