Fresh Start With A New Mindset

Shwar Zaidi, Staff Writer


One of the most important things an individual can do is to set new plans and goals for the future. Not only is the new school year the perfect fresh start for this, it can also help students grow and improve upon themselves.

First and foremost, start with what your objectives are. What do you want to do in the future? What are you interested in that can help this world later? What do you want to create a study schedule or work hard for? What grades do you want to have? You need to ask yourself these questions and write them down so that it can help you be more determined on what is worth having in the end.

If you have been struggling academically to pass a difficult course, starting small and setting goals for yourself to accomplish may be the most effective way to succeed. Aside from this, be realistic about how much time you give yourself to study- studying all day is not always the best thing you can do for yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to reach other to other people for help. Maybe even join a small study group who can help you keep focus.

The next step is an action plan that makes those goals more achievable. How much do you want to study for? You don’t need to always have your head in the books, but you should commit to how many hours per day are you willing to study to obtain your good grades. You need to ask yourself, “what can I do in order to reach my goal?”

Make a schedule to help keep you on track and write down the days of the week and the subjects you must study for. You could even make it colorful and write using sparkly colors, making it more appealing and fun.

Once you have everything planned out, try your best to stick with your plan and not back down. Sometimes, it can be hard to stay focus. Maybe even reward yourself at the end so that you can have something to look forward to and in addition to feel proud of sticking to the plan.

Although it can be difficult, avoid procrastinating and choose your time wisely. Watching a new episode of T.V. or your social life can wait after you have taken your English test. Once you have done enough studying, you can proceed to do what you wish to but always make sure you make studying your first priority because it will help you achieve your goal. As well as eliminate distractions such as your cell phone, which would distract you and get you back into zoning out, ask your friends or family to bother you later after you have finished studying.

Then at the end reflect upon your journey, whether or not you have achieved your goal. It is important to see what areas you need to work. We often as student focus on the end instead of considering the entire journey. The key lesson is you should have determination, hard work and reflective thought needed to recognize an area for improvement and to accomplish a change.