This Week In National And International News

by Sarah Willson

  • At least 59 are dead and 527 are injured after a gunman opened fire at a country music festival in Las Vegas, making it the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. The 64-year-old suspect, Stephen Paddock, was found dead in his hotel room with at least 19 assault rifles and tripods and is believed to have acted alone. The number of fatalities is expected to rise over the course of this week.
  • O.J. Simpson has been released from a Nevada prison after serving nine years of a nine-to-33-year sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery.
  • The Associated Press reported on Friday that the United States declared it was going to cut its diplomatic presence in Cuba by more than half, a result of “mysterious attacks” that have caused hearing loss, dizziness and fatigue for some U.S. embassy employees.
  • U.S. Health Secretary Tom Price quit his position at the White House late last week after being heavily criticized for his use of expensive private planes for business. The planes, which have been used since May, are said to have cost taxpayers over $400,000 dollars, according to BBC News.  
  • President Donald Trump made a statement in Washington last week, saying that the U.S. has done an “incredible job” in helping Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm that battered the island back in September.
  • Trump called for major tax cuts in an effort to uphold his campaign promise to reshape the U.S. tax system, but the plan is being criticized by Democrats, saying it is a “giveaway for the wealthy.”
  • Saudi King Salman has finally granted women the right to drive for the first time in history. Until now, women would have been arrested and fined for driving in public.
  • The region of Catalonia has voted for independence from Spain after thousands rallied before the planned referendum, according to BBC News.
  • Canadian authorities are investigating two acts of terrorism in Edmonton after a man struck a police officer with a car before stabbing him. He later drove his truck into a crowd of pedestrians, injuring at least four.