Hell Hath No Fury Like a Mascot (and Fans) Scorned

By Christopher Boulay

It has come to my attention that some fans were upset with what I wrote last week in saying that all season they have been absolutely atrocious.

After calling on CCSU fans to actually show up for the last two games of the season, and make noise so people will know that they exist, the fans came through — sort of.

The crowd was decently big and it was loud at the game against Saint Francis (NY), and I really thought it improved. Was I impressed? No.

After the game ended, I noticed our favorite fuzzy demon waltz over to me, and I figured, “He’s doing his usual mascot stuff, probably going to high five me or something.”

Well, I wasn’t really on point with that thought. Victor E, or the person inside the suit asked if I was the writer of the article about fan support last week. I confirmed his query, and he informed me that I owe the fans an apology. Before I could answer, he walked away, as a coward, who could not confront me and have a civil conversation about a very pressing athletic issue.

I want to make very clear that I owe no fan an apology for what I said last week. Anyone with a beating heart that has decent eyesight could see that our fans have been nothing short of a joke all season.

This really bothers me. I have been around CCSU for long enough to see our highs and lows in sports. I have seen absolute bedlam from the fans, and it was spectacular.

I remember rushing the court after winning the NEC title against Sacred Heart. These have been great times.

Sure, we are a long shot to win the NEC this year, but the lack of fans is just bothersome. As I scanned the crowd today, I realized a large part of the fan base was not students. They were adults, children and alums. So did the students really come out and rally support for the team today? Hardly.

I heard one CCSU chant against SFNY. That’s bad. There’s no crowd coordination, and its not far from looking at the crowds at the PGA tournament.

Come on people, the games are free. I know there are many, many sports fans on campus, and there are many basketball fans among them. CCSU fans are better than this. I have seen it. I have been a part of it.

Stop making this campus a satellite fan club for UConn, and start supporting your team.

And to our ever-lovable mascot, next time you want to make a statement about one of my articles, schedule a meeting with me, or write a letter to the editor. Don’t bother me while I am working.

Lose the suit, too. It only makes you look stupid when you are trying to make a point. I can’t have a discussion with a giant stuffed animal that looks like something a child would cuddle with.