The Recorder

‘IT Chapter Two’ Doesn’t Meet Expectations

Tessa Stack, Staff Writer

September 16, 2019

Comedy mixes with horror in this past week's most anticipated horror film of 2019.  It has been two years since the first film featuring Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown was released. The sequel follows 2017's "IT," ad...

Editor’s Column: The Recorder Was Wrong

Daniel Fappiano, Editor-in-Chief

September 16, 2019

In our first issue of the semester, The Recorder declined to name the potential shooter on Central Connecticut's campus. Originally, we felt that it would be better for campus safety if we removed his name from the article. In...

Hurricane Dorian Makes You Think Twice About Life

Kelly Langevin, Copy Editor

September 6, 2019

"The news says for us to get ready for a Category 4 hurricane. We'll see how the house holds up," my father texted me."We might lose the boat and camper." The storm never reached where my parents are located in Port Charlotte,...

Technology Is Evolving Faster Than Humanity. What Does The Future Hold For Us?

Bruna Vila Artigues, Assistant News Editor

September 2, 2019

When I was around eight years old, I watched an anime movie in which technology had taken over the world. People had become so lazy that they had lost sensibility of their legs and had to move around in flying machines. It made...

Has Donald Trump Ever Lied: Yes Or Yes?

Bruna Artigues Villa, Assistant News Editor

September 2, 2019

We have all supported a lost cause once or twice in our life, such as when my little cousin wanted to be a hairdresser and cut half of my aunt’s hair unevenly. I still believed in her. However, you also know a lost cause when...

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