Brady Vs. Belichick

Xavier Wellington, Contributor

During week four of the National Football League season, the debate of NFL history started to heat up about who deserved credit for the New England dynasty: Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced the New England Patriots. This was one of the most anticipated and immense matchups of the football season. As a result, the national sports media was in a frenzy on who had the edge and deserved credit for the New England Dynasty that lasted 20 years. Unfortunately, the game ended up being very close, with the Patriots missing a game-winning field and the Bucs winning 19-17.

A book reportedly coming out in October about the New England Patriot Dynasty titled “It’s Better To Be Feared” by Seth Wickersam. This book highlights the behind-the-scenes personal relationship between Belichick and Brady in New England for 20 years. It shows how Brady was not very respected by Belichick and treated like a franchise quarterback. Instead, Belicheck treated him like any ordinary player. Due to this treatment, it would be obvious why Brady left due to lack of appreciation. Many would assume Brady won the divorce with Belicheck because he won the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, while Belicheck coached a 7-9 New England Patriots team that missed the playoffs.

The debate between Brady and Belichick is not just a big headline in the national news, but an extensive conversation among Central Connecticut State University students. Although many students felt that both Belicheck and Brady deserve credit, many would agree Brady was the team’s undisputed leader. Leadership is a necessary trait to have in athletes.

Matthew Fairbanks, a CCSU senior majoring in Biology and a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, said Brady deserves credit for the Patriots dynasty.

“To be honest, I would think both of them deserve credit. But if I would go with one specific side, I would go with Tom Brady because he is more of a leader, and I think that is important for a quarterback,” says Fairbank.

Marcus Thomas, a CCSU senior who majors in History and is a Patriots fan, said Belichick should get some credit because he instilled the culture for the Patriots.

“Both played an equal role,” he said. “There were times where Brady made the plays on offense, and Belicheck created plays for the defense. Belicheck played a role in New England because he created a culture that taught players to make smart football plays,” Thomas said.