Gravy Train Comes to CCSU


Madeline Wilson

Yung Gravy performing in Kaiser Hall.

Lucas Amoroso

American rapper Yung Gravy performed in front of about 2,500 Central Connecticut State University students at Saturday’s annual spring concert.

The concert was held in the gym located in Harrison J. Kaiser Hall and was put together and supported by the Central Activities Network.

The concert featured performances from Yung Gravy and singer-songwriter Noah Richardson.

Merch was available for students; three massage chairs were located in the back, and an oxygen bar and an inflatable mushroom were also part of the concert.

 Ciara Gregory, a CCSU junior student from New Haven said the concert was an all-around good experience.

 “I thought it was really good,” Gregory said. “The performance was great. I thought it seemed like it was running smoothly too. I feel like there weren’t any complications throughout the whole process of getting in and out of the performance itself.”

Gregory said that the performers were good at getting the audience involved with the performances.

“I thought there was a lot of crowd engagement,” Gregory said. “It seemed like they knew how to get the crowd excited.”

Kaia Schwartz, a junior from Naugatuck, said that while she doesn’t listen to Yung Gravy, she enjoyed the concert.

“I really liked it. I’m not a big Yung Gravy fan, I don’t listen to him, but it was very vibey,” Schwartz said. “All my friends enjoyed dancing to Yung Gravy. It was awesome.”

Schwartz said that a big highlight of the performance was his stage presence.

“I feel like Yung Gravy is kind of a joke in the music industry,” Schwartz said. “No one listens to him seriously, but he knows how to get a crowd going, especially with college kids. He was throwing like Lunchables in the crowd, we were too far back to catch anything, but it was awesome. We all had fun.”

Julia Holland, a senior from Newington, said that her experience at the concert wasn’t what she was expecting. 

“Personally, it wasn’t that fun for me. It was fun being with friends, but I didn’t like the environment,” Holland said. “There were a lot of students who were under the influence. It just wasn’t comfortable, to me at least.”

Holland said that the contrast of the performances was another reason her experience didn’t go that well.

“I liked the opener,” Holland said. “It was just not the type of vibe…going and pairing it with Yung Gravy… [Noah Richardson] was much slower, whereas Yung Gravy is more like pop music, and I think Yung Gravy was not that good, honestly.”

Marieliz Vazquez, a sophomore from Hamden, said that the theme of the concert was odd but that it was still enjoyable.

“I was expecting a lot more,” Vazquez said. “I was kind of surprised to see one mushroom in the corner, but that was really cool. The oxygen bar was really cool, too; my friend did, and she said it was very weird at first, but she enjoyed it. The massage chairs were very nice too, very odd for a concert, but I enjoyed it.”

Vazquez said that the theme didn’t meet her expectations. 

“I think Noah Richardson is a great artist,” Vazquez said. “It was my first time listening to his music, actually, and I really enjoyed his performance, and then when Yung Gravy came out, it was hype… I don’t know. I feel like I was expecting more out of that whole theme.”