Melanie Martinez is Back From the Dead in Third Studio Album “Portals”

Nicholas Johnson, Contributor

Melanie Martinez released their third studio album, Portals, on March 31, 2023, to mark the death of their former self, “Crybaby.”

“Portals” is an ethereal, whimsical album that takes the listener out of the natural world and into the void. Martinez announced the album with the single “DEATH,” a song to symbolize the death of Crybaby, their former persona for their first two albums. The music video even showcases a gravestone marked, “RIP Crybaby.”

The death of Crybaby only marks the birth of Martinez’s new persona, a pink four-eyed alien being. There have been no comments from Martinez on the new look as of this time; it can only be speculated this new look corresponds with Martinez’s experimenting with her creative mind.

This album does an excellent job of experimenting with new types of songs: “DEATH,” “VOID,” “BATTLE OF THE LARYNX,” “EVIL” and “WOMB” are different from Martinez’s older pieces. These songs are more alternative pop, electronic pop, and rock styles; these are all styles Martinez has tried before but not to the extent shown in “Portals.”

As for the remaining eight songs, I feel they resemble a similar style to Martinez’s first studio albums, “Crybaby” and “K-12.” These albums address serious issues like eating disorders and bullying, with the theme of the albums centered around nursery rhymes and her Crybaby persona growing up. I feel “TUNNEL VISION” has the most resemblance to the past.

Overall, “Portals” is an excellent third studio album for Martinez’s discography; each song sticks to its central theme while still having an individualist piece.

“Portals” is worth a listen. I would classify it as a no-skip album. If you only listen to three songs, I suggest; “DEATH, ” “TUNNEL VISION,” and “EVIL.”