OPINION: Perfect Match Was Messy, In The Best Way


Courtesy of Netflix.

Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason compete in their first compatibility challenge as a couple.

Nathalia Blair, Staff Writer

For Valentine’s Day this year, Netflix released its newest reality-tv dating series, “Perfect Match.” In the show, contestants go on dates and get to know each other to pick who they see as their perfect match. Couples paired have their connections tested and the winner is chosen based on who the single contestants view as a perfect match.

The series had a list of familiar contestants from previous Netflix originals, including: “Love is Blind,” “Too Hot to Handle,” “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On,” “The Circle,” “Sexy Beast” and “Twenty Somethings: Austin”.

Of course, the newest series would be released on the “day of love,” and give us the messiest cast to spice up the season. There were about 20 contestants on Perfect Match, including but not limited to: Francesca Farago, Chloe Veitch, Shayne Jansen, Bartise Bowden, and Ines Tazi. 

The season kicked off with previous hookups between cast members. Joey Sassos and Kariselle Snow had a history, and became the first consistent match through the whole season, ending with a proposal. A number of the cast supported this couple and thought they would win because of their consistent affection towards each other, despite the scarce amount of trials thrown their way. 

The winners of the show were Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati. Personally, they seem very awkward as a couple and I didn’t see Georgia really being into him. The kisses were weird to look at and I wanted to move on to the next couple immediately when they were on. However, seeing the fact that they seemed more like best friends and had such a good standing with each other, I understand why they won. 

The villain of this season was Francesca. Rightfully so, as the queen bee of the house. As soon as she entered the house, the men wanted to match with her instantly and, unless she was in a stable coupling, it continued on like that. Her possessive tendencies showed in both her coupling with Dom Gabriel and Damian Powers. She wouldn’t want her partner getting involved with any other person in the house and would get uncomfortable around partners that she broke up with in the past. 

Her possessive tendencies showed when Savannah Palacio took interest in Francesca’s partner at the time, Dom. I believe Francesca had some kind of beef with Savannah before the show because of how intense the altercation got so quickly.  The way Francesca came at my poor girl Savannah was so uncalled for, and I was literally arguing with sis through the screen on Savannah’s behalf. Savannah did have lengthy comebacks that made me lose interest in the punchline, if there even was one, but I am still on team Savannah. That was the best episode of the whole season. Honestly, I think that is the only episode anyone had to see and could make safe assumptions about how the rest of the season went. 

My favorite contestant of all was Colony Reeves. If I had to imagine what I’d be like as a contestant on Perfect Match this season, she would be the closest resemblance. Once she stepped into the house she knew nobody there was for her. She also did not let her lack of interest lead her to just “play the game,” in the sense that she didn’t feel the need to couple up with someone in order to stay in the game, and I respected that completely.

None of the guys were good picks in my opinion, but Chase being the petty king that he is made this season worthwhile. Additionally, Shayne being annoyingly immature made things more interesting. Hopefully, everyone has experienced some growth from this and their supporters can see that maturity as they prosper in their careers.