Registrar Introduces New Class Registration System

Egypt Bell-Clayton, Staff Writer

The Registrar’s Office introduced a new way that students can build their schedules and register for classes for the upcoming 2023 Summer and Fall Registration Cycle

Patrick Tucker from the Registrar’s Office, as well as the Registrar’s staff, noticed that students were having schedule limitations when it came to creating class schedules and still being committed to priorities outside of school. Tucker said that the new registration system allows students to build their class schedules before registering for classes, and still be able to attend their non-class commitments such as work and athletics practices.

“After they’ve met with their advisor and have developed a list of courses that they want to enroll in, it allows students to load that course list that they’ve talked about with their advisor and agreed upon, and then the student can enter any other obligations that they have such as work or athletics practice or family commitments were they’re not available to take classes,” Tucker said. “The schedule planner will actually help design days and times of schedules where students can actually take the classes that they want to enroll in, and work around those other commitments such as work, athletics, things like that when they’re not available to take classes. So, it really streamlines the process of putting together a class schedule in terms of meeting days and times that work for your schedule whether that’s other classes or outside-of-class commitments.”

Students will still have access to the old registration system if they prefer to use it. The new system is also available to students registering for either the Summer or Fall Semester.

“Students will see there is actually two links, there’s a link to the new system, the New Registration and Schedule Planning System, and there’s also a link to the old system for registration, so students will see that they have access to those already,” Tucker said.

Tucker said that there are tutorial videos on CCSU’s website, under the Registrar’s Page, that demonstrate how the new system works. For a more in-person approach, The Registrar’s Office will be offering one-on-one sessions with students who may need assistance with using the new system.

“The Registrar’s Office is going to offer schedule building sessions, so after students meet with their advisors, and they have a list of courses they want to enroll in, if they need a little help using the new system, they’re welcome to come into the Registrar’s Office anytime that we’re open, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.,” Tucker said. “We can work one on one with students to help them learn how to use the new software and build some schedule options for the Fall Semester.”

Tucker said that he hopes this will be a new significant improvement to the student registration experience.

With the Advising period coming up, students should be on the lookout for emails regarding information about Academic Advising and what to do when meeting with their advisor, planning their schedule, and registering for classes. Tucker said that advising is still one of the most important things students can take advantage of at CCSU and that the system doesn’t replace advising at all.

“There’s still an expectation that students are meeting with their primary academic advisor and having good conversations about their course selections for the upcoming semester,” Tucker said.

The Academic Advising period will be from March 20 through March 31. The registration period is from March 31 through April 14.

For more information about the new registration system, go to or visit the Registrar’s Office in Willard DiLoreto Hall, Room D 202.