Citizenship Test? No Problem!

Shwar Zaidi, Staff Writer

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Taking a citizenship test is a big step to take because being a citizen is a lot more critical than we think. People assume it is a tough test, and it is, but with excellent preparation, you can pass with flying colors. Here is how:

  1. Study The Civics Booklet

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officials give out civics booklets to help prepare for the test while people go for their fingerprints. The booklet consists of 100 questions. Ten of those questions will be on the test, and one must get six correct in order to pass. There is also vocabulary at the end of the booklet to prepare for your reading and writing test. Study the booklet questions daily and it will give you a solid pass on the test.

  1. Reading

It’s very helpful to watch videos of how you can study for the reading test, especially on YouTube. The test will require you to read a specific sentence, which will not be hard if you practice pronunciation. One is allowed three tries if they get two sentences wrong. On YouTube is helpful because it’ll help prepare and9 provide you practice sentences that you can read aloud to yourself.

  1. Writing

The writing section requires one to write out the sentences that they choose. You will need to practice the vocabulary from the civics booklet to get the spelling right and indicate which words need to be capitalized. Remember to pay attention when asked about specific sentences so that words are not confused. There are also videos online you can watch on writing portion to practice further and paying attention to what they are saying.

  1. Application

Prior to taking the citizenship test there is the application form. USCIS officials will ask for full name and a number of questions on things you have or haven’t done. It may sound simple but read your application thoroughly and study what you are marking yes and no to the questions they ask. Remember to be honest and transparent; they could ask you questions or definitions to make sure you did your application on your own and you know what you filled out. There can be tricky questions that you would have to look into to understand what you are saying yes or no to as well. If you make mistakes on your application beforehand or during the interview, you can make changes.

5. Watch Interview Videos

You can watch videos to see what your interview will consist of to help ease off the anxiety. The interview preparation would show you what to bring (passport, permanent resident card, appointment letter and driver license) and when to give them to the USCIS officials. It also can help to know which person to submit things to, so it will be less work and time when there. Then you can also see how the process would be when taking your civics test, reading and writing test and then your application. But remember, these are just example videos you can check out on YouTube and that doesn’t mean everything will be exactly how the videos represent. But it can give you an idea as to what you are walking into for your test.

  1. Have Faith!

Most importantly, relax. It is not as hard as everybody makes it seem if you study thoroughly and prepare for the test. Take care of yourself and rest before the test because self-care is essential. Good luck!