Don’t Let Age Define Your Success

Ndengo Mwilelo, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

I often hear people depreciating themselves with the notion that they are too old and have yet to figure out their lives but age does not define success as success comes in all forms. 

“We all grow up dreaming of what we will become. Visions of grandeur are commonplace, because when you are a kid, you have nothing but time and pure hope,” Laura Garnett, a performance strategist and a TEDxTalk speaker, said. 

We cannot measure success by age because it is an action that we must perform and it can be reached on our terms — age is an unchangeable gift we have been granted. We cannot change how old we would want to be, but we can decide when and how to be successful.

The definition of success is a personal thing and is linked to a core challenge in life, according to Inc. Having a personal definition of success will allow one to pay no attention to their age; everyone’s  interpretation of success is determined on their individual abilities.

 Someone’s personal core values are the source of greatness for a successful and happy life, according to the Medium. Because success differs for everyone, people of all ages can make a difference and become successful in their own way. 

Today, people at different points in their lives and ages are in college because they want to be successful. Out of everything there is to pursue, you chose college, but why? Because you wanted to earn a degree, not because your age gave you the option. You are responsible for defining what success is and your age should not.

My mother once told me that if you are still breathing, then you are successful.

Most people see success in gaining money and popularity. Do you know what a successful 18 year-old went through to gain fame or what a 50 year-old had to go through to be successful? Some of you might have heard of the fashion designer Vera Wang.

Wang is known as one of the people who did not let age stop her from reaching her visions. Prior to entering the fashion industry at age 40, Wang was a figure skater and journalist before. Today she is one of the top world designers, according to Business Insider.

Success is not about fame and money — it is about claiming and speaking up for what is important to you.

How many of you have taken a class with someone older than most of your classmates? Have you ever wondered why they are in school at that age, what things happened in their life? Regardless, they are in college because they want to be successful and their age should not limit them.

It is never too late to be successful and it is never early to achieve what you desire. Success cannot be judged by age. Instead, success is defined by your actions and accomplishments. Whether you are 45 or 18 years old, you can follow your passions. 

First, learn to take in and appreciate every small thing being accomplished. Second, remember that you are not the only one. Think about how many other people like you also trying to get themselves situated. Lastly, you are human and time is the only way to guide you everywhere you wish to be. You have to inspire yourself before someone else does.