NFL Free Agency Preview

Trevi Alickolli, Sports Editor

The National Football League offseason is in full effect when there are draft and free agency smoke screens being generated by media, league executives and teams themselves.

While the NFL Draft is still nearly two months away, scheduled to begin on April 23 and go through the April 25, NFL Free agency is one week away. Negotiations between players and teams are scheduled to begin at the start of the new league year, which is on March 18 at 4 p.m. ET.

Here are my predictions for where some of the biggest names in the free agency pool will land.

The Quarterbacks

Tom Brady – Brady is one of the oldest players on the market and an argument can be made he is the number one overall player available. He has made it clear he is all about winning and likes comfort along with stability. He has also made it clear that after years of taking pay cuts for the New England Patriots, he wants to cash out one last time before retirement. In my eyes, the two options Brady has to win and get paid lie with the Patriots and the Tennessee Titans. The Titans already have a stellar defense and a young, talented offense while the Patriots have to be aggressive in signing offensive weapons if they hope to retain Brady.

Verdict: Re-Signs with New England Patriots.

Dak Prescott – The Dallas Cowboys have some big names to re-sign in free agency and will be faced with some tough decisions. This is not one of them. Prescott is young, he is still developing and he has proven to be a winner in the NFL. Whether it’s via the franchise tag or a long term agreement, he is not leaving Dallas.

Verdict: Remains a Cowboy.

Offensive Weapons 

Amari Cooper – Cooper is one of the tough decisions the Cowboys will have to face. He will demand big money while being only 25 years old and will have plenty of suitors in free agency after catching 79 passes for 1,189 last season. It makes no sense for the Cowboys to retain Prescott and let Cooper go. They need them as a pair to be championship contenders going forward. They will make the money work.

Verdict – Re-Signs with Dallas Cowboys.

A.J. Green – It’s easy to forget about Green after he missed a whole season due to injury, but rest assured, Green is still a top-tier receiver in the NFL. With the Cincinnati Bengals planning to draft quarterback Joe Burrow in the draft, he’ll need someone to throw the ball to and make his transition into the NFL easier.

Verdict: Remains a Bengal.

Derrick Henry – Henry carried the Tennessee Titans to the AFC Championship game last season. While recent big contracts for running backs haven’t worked out for teams, you have to take that chance if you’re the Titans.

Verdict: Re-Signs with Titans.

Hunter Henry – The Los Angeles Chargers have made it clear they will not let Henry walk under any circumstance. They even plan to franchise tag him if they cannot agree on a deal. If this falls through, New England Patriots.

Verdict: Remains a Charger.

Defensive Gamechangers 

Byron Jones – Jones has to be someone that the Cowboys have to let walk due to their intentions to remain financially flexible to re-sign their quarterback and receiver. Next season, Dallas will have to face Jones twice a year as his most likely destination and the one that makes the most sense is in the NFC East division.

Verdict: Signs with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Yannick Ngakoue – The Jacksonville Jaguars have seemingly burned the bridge between their star pass-rusher and their organization. They’ve franchise-tagged Ngakoue but he has made it clear via interviews and Twitter that he wants out.

Verdict: Signs with Buffalo Bills