Expand Your Playlist

Amina Feratovic, Contributor

If you’re looking for some new music to cruise to, here’s some tunes you might want to try!


  1. “Die Hard” by Marc E. Bassy

With the release of his album “PMD (deluxe),” Marc E. Bassy uses “Die Hard” as a classic pop single that differs from the rest of the album. PMD stands for “Postmodern Depression” and the album is categorized as RnB/Soul.

Bassy talks about a love with the right person but at the wrong time and he promises to change. The other person “comes runnin’ in a heartbeat,” but he is “100 miles out the door,” which is a common action when the other person is not ready for a relationship. With a synth keyboard and high-pitched guitar strings, he gives the illusion of a post-1980s love song.

Similar artists to Bassy include Bryce Vine, Ruel and DaniLeigh. Other songs from Bassy include “Dirty Water” and “You & Me” from his “Groovy People” EP.

  1. “Cruise” by SHRETA

Putting her own spin on Kevin Ross’s original “Cruise” with softer vocals and steadier drumming, SHRETA brings a new type of style to the song by creating a softer aura and bringing home the message of the song. Her imitation of 90s RnB delivers the feeling of what she feels in the song, that the other person is perfect and everything with them goes smoothly.

With less than 800 followers on Spotify and over 15,000 listens per month, SHRETA has the potential to rise. This song is perfect for those who love fresh-faced RnB artists such as Ella Mai, Daniel Caesar and Aaliyah.

  1. “Video Game” by Aleyna Yim

Aleyna Yim is a Korean-American artist based in Los Angeles with singles on Spotify and SoundCloud. This pop song also features John the Asian, an artist based in Los Angeles’s Koreatown.

The song explores the concept of one-sided loyalty one might feel while the other person strings them along and “pushes all the buttons.”

The music itself gives an aura of an underground arcade by mixing low saxophones and deep bass guitar chords. Yim and John both put a twist on the music by using simple Korean phrases that most K-Pop listeners might have heard from similar artists such as Dean, Jay Park and BTS.

Other artists similar to the aforementioned include Hoody, Penomeco and G.Soul.

  1. “Welcome to Chili’s” by Yung Gravy and bbno$

Known for his vintage inspired album and single covers, Yung Gravy has returned to the music world with a new Latin and hip hop track. The first verse begins with bbno$ talking about a girl dancing and Yung Gravy continues the rest of the song with his classic pop-culture references.

This song is perfect for those wanting to explore new types of hip-hop or trying to explore outside of their current favorite genre. Similar songs include, “Mr. Clean,” “Gravy Train” and “Rotisserie” which also features bbno$. Yung Gravy is often grouped with artists such as Dbangz, Famous Dex and Comethazine.