Dear Democrats: What Is Happening?

Megan Brawner, Copy Editor

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What a week for politics. There was certainly a lot to digest, especially the two shining moments for Democrats: the Iowa caucuses and the State of the Union address. 

What was supposed to mark an exciting start to the week for Democrats ended in pure chaos. With a caucus and a presidential debate within days of each other, this was the time for Democrats to show why they are capable of beating President Donald Trump in November. 

So what went wrong? The Democratic National Committee (DNC) launched an app that failed midway through the caucus and consequently, results were delayed because of quality checks and inconsistencies in reporting.

Ironically, Republicans have recently been pushing for a crackdown on voter fraud and the implementation of voter identification, while also criticizing the option to vote online. So what do the Democrats do? Introduce an app! Genius!

The new mobile app was designed to help officials collect information from the Iowa caucus sites quicker, but coding issues initiated the number of delays that occurred throughout the day, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

So you’re telling me that the same individuals who want to handle every aspect of healthcare and implement taxes that have failed elsewhere can’t even run a caucus?

The 2020 Iowa Caucuses lost all integrity. It was not well executed and the DNC failed to release results until days later. Nearly all the candidates claimed victory, but Pete Buttigieg and Senator Bernie Sanders led the polls in the end. Best caucus ever? I think not. 

The highlight of the evening was presented by CNN reporter Wolf Blizter, who was interviewing Iowa precinct captain, Shawn Sebastian. 

In a live telephone interview, Sebastian told Blizter that he had been on hold with the Iowa Democratic Party to submit vote results. After being on hold for more than an hour, Sebastian’s call was silenced because Blizter was too busy asking him if they could continue the interview. Well done CNN. 

More was in store following the caucuses, as the State of the Union address took place. When Mr. Trump entered the House of Representatives chamber, he handed copies of his speech to Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. He did not shake Mr. Pence’s hand, nor Mrs. Pelosi’s.

I personally do not blame Mr. Trump for not shaking her hand — Mrs. Pelosi is vengeful. She sat behind the president of the United States making faces and occasionally shaking her head throughout his address. This is not exactly a shining example of professionalism.

By addressing his economic record, the speech supported his theme, “The Great American Comeback.” From low-unemployment rates to the net worth of the bottom half of wage earners increasing by 47 percent, Mr. Trump attempted to provide unifying news for the country. 

Then came Mrs. Pelosi. As Mr.Trump’s address concluded, she stood and tore her copy not once, but three times.

Her answer to reporters when asked why she tore her copy: “Because it was a manifesto of mistruths.”

So what’s my point here? There is no denying that the political division throughout the United States is not going away. If the Democrats wanted to have credibility after the address, they would have stood alongside Republicans for the good parts of news throughout Mr. Trump’s speech. But no, they sat through the entire address with grim expressions.

What are these leaders teaching the younger generation? Both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Pelosi, two of the nation’s most prominent figures in politics, acted like children this week. Whatever happened to being the bigger person? Will decency ever return to the White House? Only time will tell. Stay tuned folks.