Students Face The Final Countdown, Literally

Isabella Chan, News Editor

As finals week rears around the corner, Central Connecticut students prepare for the mental battle between themselves and their GPA.

Andrew Audibert – graduate student

“Between this and my normal day to job, it can be a lot for sure. I would say it has it’s moment of stress,” Audibert expressed while working a finals project. “I would say it is a lot at once for people, and I can’t imagine if I had to do two things and work at the same time — that would be really difficult. So one class at a time is definitely more than enough for me.”

But as a teacher himself, Audibert understands the feeling from the “opposing” side as well. Despite being able to relate to the “overwhelming” pressure of finals, Audibert said “it’s kind of a necessary evil, eventually you are kind of more pliable in the future.”

He believes transparency is the biggest barrier between students and teachers during this time. He recommends study guides and “trying to make sure students know for sure what they need to know at that time.”

“The one piece of advice that I would give to almost any student is to do all your work as you’re going throughout the course of the semester,” Audibert stated.

Jamey Napoleon – Freshman

Despite not having final exams in all of her course, Napoleon explained she has a number of essays and projects that rival the stress of her other two exams.

As a freshman, the common feeling that comes attached finals has yet to hit Napoleon but she knows as the time itches closer too her due dates “mapping out,” her assignments is a must. After hearing the rumors and seeing the exaggerated memes of how stressful of how finals can be, Napoleon was prepared for the worst.

“High school kind of sucked too but in college, you definitely have to just grind and just get through out,” Napoleon stated. She recommended “they should work it out better where all the projects are due this week to give students time to study for their test next week.”


Tiffany Slicklein – Junior

“Just cause everything is compounding into one week and if you have five classes then you either have test or projects every class, which is a lot to do in a certain amount of time,” Slicklein, a player on the women’s basketball team, stated.

The student athlete believes that this time of year stress is evident amongst almost everyone; she suggests that changes should be made to keep the stress at bay.

“Yes, you can tell everyone is just stressed out, very emotional and just like a wreck cause it’s a lot to handle in such a short amount of time. Everyone struggles but you have to get through it because it’s standard,” Slicklein expressed. “I know it’s what we signed up for in college but I do think they can organize it better, maybe into a two week period or something a bit longer. It’s been going for a while and since everyone keeps struggling they should change it.”