Music Student Cianciolo’s Talents Take Him Far


Courtsey of Chris Cianciolo

Cianciolo ready to perform in one of the Music Department’s showcases in Welte Auditorium.

Natalie Dest, Managing Editor

For business management major and music minor Chris Cianciolo, his musical talent is stretched rather far and wide. The Waterbury native has been involved in music since his childhood, progressively learning more instruments and only gaining more skills into his adult years.

“I was obsessed with music from the time I could walk or talk,” Cianciolo said. “I’ve always loved classic groups like The Bee Gees and Queen. That led to me actually starting the guitar in 2006, at eight-years-old.”

The now 21-year-old is proficient in both the guitar and piano. Since learning how to play keyboards, Cianciolo has been able to jump at many opportunities that allow him to play with several bands and ensembles.

As for the Music Department at Central Connecticut, Cianciolo has taken advantage of many of these opportunities that have showcased his musical abilities on several occasions.

“The CCSU Music Department has been awesome during my time at school,” Cianciolo said. “I have played piano for ensembles such as Big Band, Wind Ensemble and I am currently enrolled in Jazz Combo.”

Cianciolo is also involved in private piano lessons with Music Department faculty member and jazz pianist Kenneth Fischer, who received both a Bachelor and Master of music education from the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, CT.

“The one-on-one instruction with Ken has been proven to be really helpful,” Cianciolo continued. “I feel I’ve really become a different player as a result. The department as a whole is just great and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

However, Cianciolo’s talents go beyond just Central. The senior has performed in numerous showcases outside of campus.

“I also play in a wedding and party band named 3GCT [3rd Generation Connecticut]. We do shows every weekend all over Connecticut and play top 40 cover music. I’m also in several other projects, and do a lot of keyboard fill-in work whenever other bands need me,” Cianciolo said.

As for 3GCT, Cianciolo features on piano, keyboards and vocals. The group also keeps up with a YouTube channel entitled “3rdGenerationCT,” where the band posts past performances for friends, family and those who may not have been able to attend.

For Cianciolo, his endeavors in music are not planned to end any time soon. The soon-to-be graduate plans on continuing his musical career for as long as he can.

“In the future, I’d love to make music a full-time career in some capacity,” Cianciolo said. “Performing onstage is always a thrill and something I really enjoy doing every weekend. I hope it never stops.”