Pizza Is Not Worth The Price Of My Political Dignity



World-Famous Pizzeria Frank Pepe's co-owner is found o be Pro-Trump.

Isabella Chan, News Editor

In Connecticut, it is basically a right of passage to experience New Haven-style apizza; if you haven’t done it then I suggest you better get to it soon. But I would strongly advise against eating at Frank Pepe’s if you are Anti-Trump.

According to New Haven Register, Gary Bimonte, co-owner of Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, posted an “online a comment in 2018 thanking President Donald Trump for his policies on American-made steel.” Since then, several people have boycotted the world-famous pizzeria and have every right to do so.

I am not one to judge someone based on their political stance. Everyone has their own personal beliefs and have the right to support whomever they choose. But I draw the line when it comes to one supporting Donald Trump, especially during his Presidency.

Though being Pro-Trump it is not a singular characteristic of a person, it becomes quite a glaring one often too difficult to ignore.

For years, Trump has been reported to racially discriminate against Hispanic and Black communities, but during his presidential campaign and term, it has become fairly evident that he does not stand with these cultural groups.

While on his 2016 Presidential Campaign tour in Michigan, Trump ignorantly stated that black voters have nothing to lose by voting for him since “you’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs [and] 58% of your youth is unemployed.”

Later on that year in Virginia, Trump claimed Mexico allows its worst people to go through immigration. Ignorantly, Trump stated “they’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

Trump heavily advocated creating a larger wall parallel the U.S.-Mexican border to help protect the United States from the lack of “good people” coming from Mexico. This came as a package deal with his plan to ban all Muslims from entering the country.

For a person with substantial power to promote such negative, generalized-stereotypes of cultural groups and feed into the bigotry remaining in our American society is disgusting. Our country prides itself on the diversity running through its veins and yet our current “leader” is aiming to destroy that.

In my opinion, anyone who is Pro-Trump, whether from a political standpoint or not, is also supporting the bigoted beliefs and behaviors he essentially stands for. So if boycotting a restaurant due to the co-owners political stance for an unworthy president is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

Aside from boycotting Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria, people have also boycotted Soul Cycle and Equinox after learning Chairman Stephen Ross is planning to host a luncheon fundraising for Donald Trump’s reelection, charging at $100K per ticket. Famous clients, such as Bill Eichner, Sophia Bush and Chrissy Teigen, have participated in the boycott and some have even canceled their memberships.

“Just contacted @Equinox to cancel my membership after many years,” Eichner tweeted. “Money talks, especially with these monsters. If it’s too inconvenient for u to trade one LUXURY GYM for another, then you should be ashamed. (No disrespect to the many wonderful employees at my local Equinox). Bye!”

My soul hurts for the employees of these establishments who may be negatively impacted by the boycotts; they are not to blame for the owner’s actions and likely were completely unaware of this information.

But if I am consciously aware of the money I am spending somehow funding the inappropriate, disgusting actions of Trump then I cannot stand behind it. This is not just about political views but ethical, moral values instead.