C.A.N. Allows Students To Get ‘Bad And Bubbly’

Julia Conant, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Green stained clothes, glow in the dark goodies and bubbles galore. Central students took to Vance lawn for a night of fun and foam. 

Last Thursday, C.A.N. hosted a “Bad and Bubbly Foam Party.” The event featured several bubble and foam themed activities to keep students occupied from 7 to 10 p.m. 

C.A.N. member Katie Klinck suggested the idea for the event. She asked a friend at another university what events they put on to get students involved and her friend suggested a foam party. Based on the huge turnout of the “Bad and Bubbly Foam Party,” the idea was a success.

Students all over campus could tell there was an event going on; the blaring music from the DJ could be heard from the Student Center Circle. The sun also happened to be setting as soon as the event started, which meant students got to look up at the pink sky as they began getting bad and bubbly.

Right as students signed into the event with Corq, they were handed a glow stick bracelet. If you followed C.A.N. on Instagram, you could get a white t-shirt with the club’s new logo on it.

The biggest attraction was the foam pit. Foam continuously dispersed from the top of the pit while glow in the dark fluid coated the bottom. Students played keep-it-up with beach balls, tackled each other and fought with light-up styrofoam pipes while coated in foam. By the end of the night, it was obvious which students went into the foam pit; their shirts were spattered with light green glowing fluid. But no worries, the dye comes right out of clothes when washed with laundry detergent.

Next to the foam pit was a slip and slide, so students could rinse off after getting all bubbly. Some students had their friends film them while they ran and slid, getting drenched in the process.

On the other end of the lawn was a DIY station where students could decorate a mason jar and pour bubble solution in it. Butterfly, star and letter stickers were available for students to stick on their jar. Bubble wands were also provided so that students could blow their own bubbles at home.

If students wanted to commemorate the night, they could get their photo taken in a unicorn inflatable with a C.A.N. backdrop behind them. A bubble machine was set up so that bubbles littered the photos, truly capturing the theme of the evening.

With so much excitement going on, some students sought out a place to sit down and relax. Cabanas closed off by white curtains were placed at the end of the lawn, away from all of the commotion. Students could sit on the couches and talk amongst themselves until they were ready to head back to the party and become bubbly all over again.

At the end of the night, students walked away barefoot, wet and covered in foam, holding their shoes as to not accidentally dye them. Based on the positive response from students, another event like “Bad and Bubbly” should be expected of C.A.N. next semester.