ReCentral Building Still Under Construction



The former Bubble is being transformed into a new, state-of-art recreation center.

Isabella Chan, News Editor

In Fall 2017, Central Connecticut broke ground for the construction of the Huang Family Recreation Center; two years later, the $25 million building is still under construction.

Originally, the two-story recreation center was set to open in Spring 2019 but is now said to be delayed until Spring 2020. Based on information from Lawrence Brunoli Inc. General Contractors website, the project is about 55 percent complete.

The project manager could not be reached for comment.

According to a news release from Fall 2017, the recreation center will be a replacement to the building formerly known as the “Bubble”, transforming into a new 61,000 square foot space located on the edge of campus by Kaiser Lot and Ella Grasso Boulevard.

The new building is said to be decked out with gym equipment, two full multi-purpose courts and a suspended track that is open for 1/10 of a mile. Upon the top level, there will be fitness studios with cardio machines including ellipticals, treadmills and bicycles, while the first floor will consist of functional strength training equipment, such as squat racks, free weights and dumbbells.

Scott Kazar, recreation specialist for RECentral, has been anticipating the opening of the recreation center for quite some time and is looking forward to many of the new functions it will have to offer.

“The biggest goal is to create another space on campus that builds community,” Kazar said. “Right now it’s hard for us because we have only small locations, but I think once we have a main hub not only can we serve the students better but also have a safe zone community for students to feel comfortable.”
The Huang Family Recreation Center will become the “main hub” for the Athletics department and RECentral, which oversees all open fitness centers on campus, intramural sports and club activities. The building will be used for academic classes as well.
As of now, it is undetermined what will come of some of the former fitness spaces following the opening of the recreation center.
Due to the Bubble and other projects, ReCentral has had to adjust to having less space available for their activities which has created some bumps in the road.
“So even with the Bubble a lot of our club sports would have practices in there so we’ve lost time for clubs sports,” Kazar said. “We’ve just done the best we can but its affected club sports [and] intramural times, it’s been tough. Its even affected athletics a lot too because they used the [Bubble] a lot.”
“In Memorial Hall, that’s where we had all our fitness classes, so without the new building right now we don’t have a main hub for fitness, we have to do whatever we can in Mid Campus,” he expressed. “It’s definitely affected us a good amount and we’d like to do better as a department and serve the students better but right now it’s definitely tough.”

Despite difficulties though, Kazar has high hopes for the building’s potential and what it has to offer the Central community.

“I honestly know the students are going to be happy. Its going to be new and catered to the newer fitness trends that students are used to, I’m excited for that,” Kazar assured. “We’re going to get there.”
With the center’s anticipated opening, ReCentral will be looking to hire 20 new staff members, specifically student employees, for Spring 2020. In order to be consider for a position, one must attend at least one of three information sessions held on October 23, 24 and 25. For more information on employment at ReCentral please visit