In Her Own Words Shows Promising Future With ‘Steady Glow’

Natalie Dest, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Los Angeles natives, In Her Own Words, are building a name for themselves in the genre of pop-punk; emerging from the scene with ambition and a knack for creativity. Currently touring alongside familiar punk-rockers Stand Atlantic, IHOW have been gearing up for the release of their sophomore album “Steady Glow” after high anticipation.

Signed to InVouge records, the band’s natural blend of heavy-charged rock with pop melodies has landed them what seems like a permanent spot within the scene. Previous LP release “Unfamiliar” showed IHOW’s capability of creating a full-length record, one of a formula with the potential to launch this five-piece into a whirlwind career.

However, “Steady Glow” is a one up; a record eluding a more mature and progressive sound. Rebranding themselves into a pop-rock machine, IHOW gives fans a record that is addicting to the ear, one built upon commanding riffs, catchy hooks and newfound aggression.

Kicking off the album is “Out of Focus,” a track meant to land at number one. Leading in with Joey Fleming’s vocals, fans are met with the familiarity of the lead vocalist’s stripped down vocals with a quiet match of instrumentation. However, the track quickly builds up to a natural energy, welcoming a driving guitar riff with more aggressive vocals.

Fleming leads in with the lyrics, “I think I’m in the way of progress, all my confidence is drained / And bad habits show their face when I’m reminded every day that my efforts go unnoticed.”

“Serotonin,” the second single off the record, will constantly streaming through your mind instantly after the first listen.

Immediately the track begins with a heavy, driving guitar line matched with a steady drum. This song is a constant drive towards the chorus, with a pre-chorus that is arguably one of the most notable on the album.

“Rosé by the Ocean” lands as single number three, one of the most storytelling tracks lyrically on the record. With an infectious chorus of repeating guitar riffs and classic pop-punk chants in the background, it is the words woven throughout the song that carries a message of importance.

The band expresses times of desperation and how although our hardships may seem difficult to overcome at the time, running away won’t cure us. Fleming sings the lyrics, “Escape plan from the start / A fake smile won’t fix a broken heart / You said you wanna run away, but when has running ever fixed anything?”

Next up is the record’s first single “Steady Glow,” hence the album title. This track executes the lyrical creativity of the band while including killer vocals to match. It manages to sound both raw and emotional while maintaining a clean and crisp production.

Fleming confesses the pain left with a loved one passing away yet never getting to say goodbye. He sings of the wonder of where they are and how they’re doing with the lyrics, “We said no goodbyes / The last thing you told me was ‘See you next month, when the leaves start to fall,’ / I know that you’re gone, but I can’t help but wonder if you can still hear me now.”

Following track “Wonder” takes a step down from the fast pace, heavier tracks that come before it. A simple electric guitar riff commences the song, followed by Flemings vocals lightly placed on top.

The song eventually leads to a buildup in the bridge and final chorus, while Fleming sings, “Your hand on the window, too foggy to see through / And I still wonder if you’re thinking about me.” Although IHOW is capable of creating driving punk-anthems, “Wonder” shows that they can produce ballads as well.

“Delicate” takes the record back into the swing of things, producing an arguable fan favorite off the album. Beginning with a simple guitar riff in the beginning, the drums take full course and drive this song into one of high energy and next-single potential.

Fleming’s vocals are particularly infectious on this track, matched with numerous chants from background vocals scattered throughout the song. The band sings, “You’re always sleeping in, oh you’re so delicate / I’m a wreck we already know / So take it slow, cause it comes and goes / So over it, you’re so delicate.”

Released as a bonus track on previous album “Unfamiliar,” “Right Now” lands itself on “Steady Glow” by much surprise. This song can be considered IHOW most notable, pop-punk anthems yet to be released, standing as their most played song on Spotify with over two million streams.

“Alone With You” follows, introducing a guitar melody that is meant to be stuck in your head once you’re done listening. This song travels at a different pace when compared to those before, but in a good way.

The drums introduce their way into the song while keeping a well, driving tempo that keeps the energy throughout the track noticeable. Yet it’s clear that the theme of this song is meant for the guitar, with Flemings vocals matched delicately on top.

Concluding the album is “Sleep it Off,” an acoustic ballad yet to be heard on the record. With previous tracks, the acoustic guitar was rather vacant, yet this track is built upon the plucking of the strings.

Fleming takes a different angle with his vocals, keeping it lower to the ground and maintaining a well balance between him and the lonely guitar. Ending with this track gives the album a sentimental feeling and breath of release.

Being a record that you can grow with, “Steady Glow” is a production of proof. In Her Own Words have returned with an album that shines with a promising future. With experimentation, risk and a more than distinct sound, it’s clear now more than ever that this California group has a permanent spot in pop-punk.