Netflix It: ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

Julia Conant, Social Media Editor

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!

What if you woke up one morning, and instead of craving a breakfast burrito, you craved human flesh?

This is exactly what happens to Drew Barrymore’s character, Sheila Hammond, in the Netflix original series “Santa Clarita Diet.”

On Friday, March 29, “Santa Clarita Diet” released its third season.

The show follows Sheila and her husband Joel, who used to just be subpar realtors in their hometown of Santa Clarita. Their biggest concern used to be outselling their rivals, another realtor couple in town.

But one night, the Hammonds went to dinner at their favorite restaurant, Japopo’s. Sheila ordered clams, which would later prove to be a big mistake, as the clams carried a disease that turned anyone who ate them undead.

Being undead seems exciting at first, as Sheila is immortal, she has a newfound confidence all while getting to hunt, kill and eat anyone she wants.

However, killing and eating people proves to be very dangerous, as the cops begin to notice a surplus of missing people in Santa Clarita. One cop in particular, Anne, cannot seem to give up the case. Sheila and Joel try as hard as they can to subtly thwart her suspicions and tell her to give up the case, but that subsequently only makes her want to figure it out more.

She decides to paint a series of suspicious items, one of them being Joel’s nervous smile.

In the final episode of season two, Anne figures out that Sheila is immortal and has been the one killing all of the missing people in Santa Clarita.

In a last-ditch effort to throw Anne off their trail, Sheila and Joel tell Anne that Sheila was chosen by God to rid the world of all wrong-doers, explaining both why she has been killing people and why she is immortal.

Anne, being very religious, believes this whole-heartedly. This seems to be a good thing for a while, however, it only makes Anne want to be involved in Sheila and Joel’s lives even more, as she also wants to assist God.

All throughout season three, Sheila and Joel have to figure out how to distance themselves from Anne without seeming suspicious.

The ongoing subplot of the show involves Sheila and Joel’s high school-aged daughter Abby and their next-door neighbor, Eric.

Abby is a rebellious spirit, who always fights for what she believes. In contrast, Eric is a nerdy guy who, according to Abby, needs to take a deep breath before stepping on the escalator. Eric has feelings for Abby, but Abby does not seem to reciprocate. She would rather the two remain best friends.

There are multiple points within the show where Eric admits his feelings, and Abby seems to want to give him a chance. But she always reverts back to her “friendzoning” ways. However, throughout season three, Abby begins to question her feelings for Eric. It is unclear whether she still wants to be his friend, or if she wants to try to be something more.

The most recurring plot point throughout season three is that Sheila wants to bite Joel so he can be undead with her, allowing them to live together forever. Joel is hesitant, as he does not believe he has the stomach to handle eating people.

However, he wants to stand beside Sheila through everything.

In the last few seconds of the season, Joel agrees to let Sheila bite him and turn him undead.

To watch Sheila and Joel’s undead adventures unfold, stream “Santa Clarita Diet” on Netflix.