Solve The Parking Problem Already


Maria Basileo

CCSU seriously needs to address its parking problem.

Tessa Stack, Staff Writer

Have you ever walked around campus and wished there was a place you could park that is closer? I sure have.

After the completion of the Willard-DiLoreto renovation, a vast majority of student services and departments have moved into the new building, which makes one dread walking across the campus at times.

This is because there is a major flaw in Central Connecticut’s parking regulations, but I believe I found a way to make it easier on commuters. With many students commuting to class from all over the state, it is likely they have each wished the parking was better at one time or another.

As of now, students can park in the Welte, Copernicus or Vance Garages, as well in the Student Center, Elihu Burritt Library, James, Kaiser and Vance Lots. Central’s police department recommends for on-campus students to park their vehicles in the Student Center Lot and Copernicus and Welte Garages. At times, this can become a big inconvenience for people who commute because resident students may have parked in the same spot for multiple days at a time.

Some, including myself, have even been late to class because of the limited parking spots available. When most of the parking lots and garages are filled, the best space to park to barely make it on time is Copernicus Garage, which is up the hill. Unless a student has a class in the Elihu Burritt Library or in Copernicus Hall, it is likely they will be taking a lengthy walk across campus.

As for staff, they may park in Vance Garage or the Manafort Lot, as well as in lots meant for students. The majority of the time, both Vance Garage and the Manafort Lot are half empty. It would be a good idea to share these parking spaces with students or provide staff with fewer designated parking areas.

There are future plans to create another parking garage accessible to students in the Manafort Lot. I suggest making this garage available to solely students in order to limit chaos, tardiness and improve commuters’ convenience.

Vance Garage should also be available to students and have certain sections reserved for staff or to make that one area the primary location for staff members. There is no need for two half-empty lots. The Manafort Lot should become accessible by students at all times of the day and create a parking pass system similar to Welte.

It would work best if on-campus students use specific garages and lots, which would allow a majority of the parking spaces to be more available. With CCSU being recognized as a commuter campus, it would be nice to have the future garage be built for commuters.

As the university continues to have upgrades and additions to buildings, it is not only in my opinion, but others as well, that CCSU needs to create a better parking system for commuters.